The Hempelf CBD Edible Gummies, Magnificent 300mg-400mg Treats

The Hempelf CBD Edible Gummies, Magnificent 300mg-400mg Treats

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Background Information:

As stated on The Hempelf Website: 

“CBD Edibles are one of our favourite and best-tasting ways to enjoy CBD. These irresistible treats are a great way to provide a quick, CBD packed punch. Extracted from premium Hemp CBD oil and lab-tested to ensure the highest quality while being non-psychoactive and THC-free”.

“Our CBD Gummies are made with Pesticide Free, Non-GMO Hemp CBD Oil extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the hemp plant”.

“Delicious CBD Gummies Our new and delicious CBD infused Neon Hoops are formulated to help you meet life’s stressful situations with ease”.


These magnificent CBD edible gummies arrived at me safely inside a cardboard box, with the actual packaging itself being mylar it can tend to squash the products inside if not handled with care during the postage process. I cannot say for sure whether all of Hempelf’s products arrive in a box or if that’s an extra option for postage. The packaging itself, despite being mylar (my pet peeve) is quite smart, the striking white shiny bag is covered in very informative stickers that state everything you need to know about the products including nutritional information.

Neon Hoops (400mg CBD)

CBD edible gummies


These CBD edible gummies are covered in a wonderful sugary coating, they are all very colourful and look extremely appetising. None of the rings was broken or misshapen either, a sure sign of quality ingredients. Now, these are Halal-friendly (made with beef gelatine) and dairy-free however one downside is that they aren’t vegan friendly, which isn’t a huge issue for me but it does decrease the availability to people who choose that diet. With that being said I would love to see these become vegan friendly or even for The Hempelf to come out with a vegan gummy range.


The flavour of these Neon gummies is pretty incredible, I don’t get that fake fruity taste but rather a fresh taste. I’m pleasantly surprised at the real flavour of these CBD edible gummies, The Hempelf aren’t trying to hide artificial flavours with a sour coating. They simply have a fresh flavour with a very mild bitterness from the CBD, I could sit here and eat the whole bag quite easily!

Cola Bottles (400mg CBD)

CBD edible gummies


Again these CBD edible gummies are covered in a light sugary coating. The colours are spot on and there does not seem to be any colours spilling into each other, which you can sometimes see with cheaper gummies. However, I must point out that in this pack we did have some broken and split gummies, which is not a huge issue it could be easily fixed in production. Again these are Halal-friendly and dairy-free, but not vegan.


The flavour of these Cola bottles is pretty on point, these are slightly more artificial tasting than the neon hoops but still very tasty and blatantly high-quality flavour wise. You get that slightly bitter taste from the CBD but it’s not masked by an unpleasant sour taste. Super tasty again I could devour these flavourful gummies.

Neon Worms (300mg)

CBD edible gummies


These gummy worms are spectacular to look at, vibrant and eye-catching. They have the same light sugary coating with zero sourness. I love how The Hempelf have made all of their CBD edible gummies very vibrant and eye-catching, not all just one boring colour. I must admit out of the three I received these gummy worms are the most broken in half, not too bad but a few loose halves of worms etc, enough worth noting.


Moving on to the flavour now, these CBD edible gummies are again really tasty, everything has this very fresh and natural flavour to it with these edibles from The Hempelf. Slightly more of a sour taste to these but still a very enjoyable treat. The ingredients used to make these amazing gummies are obviously of very high quality.


Now on to the part everyone has been waiting for, the effects! So, moving into this part I’m going to be speaking about The Hempelfs CBD edible gummies range as a whole. After taking two of these delicious edibles, I feel positive effects in as little as 20 minutes sometimes. With lower doses (60mg-80mg) I begin to feel very calm and loose after about 20-30 minutes, a wave of calm relaxation comes over me that releases all tension in my body and mind leaving me in an almost dream state when I’m doing nothing (watching tv/relaxing).

When I am working and take these CBD edible gummies, I get that same sense of calm, and tension relief but with the most incredible focus. If I’m working on my website I find myself typing faster with more imaginative ideas popping into my head and so much less stress! When I’m working my day job as a chef, I find myself more friendly, outgoing and talkative. I tend to have a much better shift with again a lot less stress, anxiety and frustration throughout the day. To learn more about what CBD can do for anxiety, Click Here.

With higher doses (100mg-180mg) I felt the effects at about the same time of 30 minutes and they hit a lot harder understandably. I dare not do any work in such high doses because it honestly puts me to sleep sometimes. I get a huge wave of just the most pleasurable calm come over me, I get invested in whatever I’m doing whether that’s watching tv or playing a game. I’m so very impressed with these CBD edible gummies.

I just overall have a very pleasant time. Higher doses like this for me personally are better suited for the evening, they hit you hard leaving you struggling to stay awake. I have had some of the best sleep I have ever had on a high dose of these CBD edible gummies.

If you would like to take a look at The Hempelfs CBD Edible Gummy range for yourself click here or on any of the images in this review to go to their website!

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