Grape Ape 8%-13%, The Best Purple CBD Flower I Have Come Across!

Grape Ape 8%-13%, The Best Purple CBD Flower I Have Come Across!

By Liam

Purple CBD flower


Background Information:

As stated on the HempElf website

“This resin drenched strain is dense and rich in trichomes. A fresh, sparkling scent with strong floral notes is rounded out by sweet citrus and grapefruit. A light and lively taste that’s actually very calming”.

Flavours: Sweet, Grape, fruity.

Trim: sticky, tight and fluffy.

Effect: mild relaxation 



So first off let us talk about the packaging, the Purple CBD flowers arrived to me inside a mylar bag. Now that automatically is a negative for me, so many times I have had flowers arrive squashed with damaged trichomes due to extended periods inside the Mylar bags. However, with that being said these flowers didn’t seem squashed or tarnished in any way which indicates to me that maybe they aren’t kept inside these bags for extended periods and are only packaged into the bags when ordered, although I can’t confirm this. 

The bags contain some relevant information such as ingredients, strain, CBD percentage and weight as well as some legal information. Overall it isn’t the worst packaging I have come across by far, the only thing that would make it better is if you scrapped the Mylar bags and used plastic pots.


As you can see on the above and below images, these flowers are rather unique looking. Vastly contrasting colours from a dominant purple to the light greens of the sugar leaves and the fiery orange pistils. I love that beautiful purple colour just dominating the flower, it’s not just a hint of purple it’s a full-on ‘look at me I’m purple’, love it!

One of this flowers key features is that jungle of deep purples and luscious greens that give this flower a very unique look, it certaintly stands out from the crowd and screams quality. Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just hints of purple but more like a dominating purple colour accompanied by hints of green.


Amongst that sea of deep purple, the second most dominant colour is the orange of the wild pistils that seem to have taken over this dank jungle, the pistils are so dominant and contrast so nicely with the purple background it really is an amazing sight. These CBD flowers are rather big, no pop-corn buds around here! They are fat, light and dense and exhibit characteristics that I truly love to see in a cannabis flower. A thin central stalk, tight yet fluffy and bouncy with a good trim job and excellently dried. I am sincerely happy with the overall structure of these CBD flowers.


Overall I am very happy that I have now found a truly stunning looking purple CBD flower. The sheer range of colours and features on these flowers blows my mind with how far CBD flower has come in these past few years. Fiery orange pistils intertwined with the deep purple foliage masked by a glistening layer of ripe trichomes. Granted the trim job isn’t 10/10 but I really can’t complain, I personally think this is the perfect amount of sugar leaf, it gives the structure of the flowers a boldness about them.

Purple CBD flower

Scent & Terpenes:


Now opening up the bag I’m getting a mildly fruity scent, not quite grape but more like a raisin sort of scent. Alongside that, I’m getting a slight haze profile in there and just an overall freshness. Cracking open one of these amazing Purple CBD flowers I’m hit with a surprise burst of citrus and earth. Overall I find the flowers to be quite hazey accompanied by a dried berries scent and slight citrus.


Caryophyllene – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, possible therapy for treating inflammatory bowel disease. May be able to treat anxiety and depression.

Myrcene – Antioxidant and antimicrobial, anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties, sedative and muscle relaxant, reduces inflammation

Limonene – Treating Anxiety & Depression, Antioxidant, uplifting, energising

Purple CBD flower


So as usual I loaded up my Mighty with some of this superb purple CBD flower. I noticed that the flower grinds up nicely, fine but not dusty, the moisture content is perfect for me being a vape user, you want your grinder to grind reasonably fine because you want that maximum surface area.

I started at 170oc, this is the best temperature I have found to get to grips with the terpene profile of individual strains. At this temperature, I’m getting strong haze notes, peppery, sweet, citrus but also a subtle diesel taste. This is certainly a very good tasting flower.

Moving up to get a feel for the Vapor at around 180oc, I noticed an increase in the diesel flavour, coupled with the dried berry flavour it was divine, to tell the truth. Imagine the scent of a Christmas pudding, dates, berry’s all combined with the pungent diesel terpenes of a good Amnesia strain! I slowly made my way up in 5oc increments where I began realising that the actual vapour production wasn’t dropping off or becoming harsh but rather maintaining a constant flavourful mass.

AT 210oc the vapour production was still immense, further proving that these flowers are very resinous with fresh moisture content. The flavour I am getting at this temperature has all but died down to a mildly sweet, diesel flavour, still pleasant but nowhere near the flavour I was getting from 170oc to 195oc.

Overall in the mighty, this flower provides me with a very enjoyable experience, the high quality dry and cure means that it grinds up perfectly and stays chugging out vapour for a rather long time, flowers like this are perfect for days out or social events because you can quite easily be toking on your mighty just as long as someone toking a joint.

Purple CBD flower


Finally, we have reached the effects, how did I feel when I used this flower? Well, firstly I will say that for me this is better suited towards the beginning of the day as opposed to the evening. I have found myself always edging towards this flower from the collection in the morning, vaping it with a coffee is like heaven, there’s a noticeable boost in happiness, it gets those gears turning and brightens up my gloomy mornings.

During the day I have also found this one to be an excellent confidence booster, I find myself a lot more talkative, all my anxiety barriers are torn down and I’m left free of my shackles for a few hours, that’s all I can ask for at the start of my day. Usually ill wake up feeling extremely groggy with general aches, pains and stiffness, on days like these I keep certain flowers close by for the mornings.

Overall in terms of effects, this flower does everything I expect from a morning strain and more, there’s not much during the day that this flower can’t solve. If your looking for something to get you up t of bed in the morning and stick a smile on your face win the process then look no further, these flowers are like coffee!

Purple CBD flower


Overall my time with this flower has been an enjoyable one. I have enjoyed waking up in the morning knowing that after using this flower I will feel ready to face the challenges of the day ahead. I have enjoyed the happiness boost I get as a result of using this flower and last but not least I have enjoyed the anxiety-busting calmness that I would usually expect from a more indica leading strain but instead coupled with all the benefits of an uplifting saliva haze strain!

When it comes to new and exciting CBD flower I believe HempElf are leading the way, their private farms are producing some truly wonderful cultivars and phenotypes, the quality and care shows with their flower and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with such pioneers. 

If you would like to take a look at this strain yourself click HERE to be taken to the Hempelf website or click on any of the images in this review.


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