A Perfectly Pungent & Fruity CBD Strain, HempHash Strawberry Cannatonic 11.7% Impressive!

A Perfectly Pungent & Fruity CBD Strain, HempHash Strawberry Cannatonic 11.7% Impressive!

By Liam



Background Information:

As stated on the HempHash website:

“Strawberry Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Tea is a descendant pheno of Cannatonic, which is originally bred by Spanish Seed Bank & is an Indica dominant hybrid cross of Reina Madre and NYC Diesel. Strawberry Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Tea has an excellent strawberry cake terpene profile, has been indoor cultivated to a high standard, hand-trimmed, and is an excellent choice, boasting mid-green, dense, terpene-rich hemp flowers with orange hairs, some purple hues & a pungent strawberry aroma”.

“The CBD flowers of this indoor Strawberry Cannatonic Hemp Tea cultivar have been carefully selected by our production team and consists of a meticulous & balanced selection of large, medium, and smaller hemp tea flowers”.

Instructions For Use:

As stated by HempHash:

For the perfect CBD Hemp Tea, steep one heaped teaspoon (Approximately 1 Gram) of loose herbal CBD hemp tea in a 200ml mug of hot water for 5-7 minutes. Remove, stir and relax! Sweeteners such as sugar, honey, or stevia can be added if needed.

I can confirm that this CBD hemp tea is also absolutely safe for combustion and vaporization, it is 100% organic hemp flower with no additives or other nasties.



So, these flowers arrived at me from HempHash inside a sturdy metal pop-top tin with an airtight vacuum seal around it. Inside, the buds are sheltered within sealed plastic packaging and protected with a humidity pack. Humidity packs keep the flowers fresher for longer and preserve the terpenes of the flowers.

As you can see on the images above and below, these flowers from HempHash are absolute stunners. Mostly dark shades of green with a few lighter spots mixed in there, the pistils are a fiery orange colour that gives the buds character making them stand out from the crowd. Also, let’s talk about the trichome coverage, they aren’t caked in visible trichomes but put some flash on those flowers and behold a mighty glistening sheen on every inch of them!

Granted the trichomes aren’t huge, but that doesn’t indicate lower quality, sometimes that is just the way the plant expresses itself. Bonus points for the fact that they are hand-trimmed, someone at HempHash has taken real care to make these flowers so beautiful.

Overall these flowers from HempHash are clearly of very high quality, excellent trim job, outstanding trichome coverage, and my favourite feature of this flower, the fiery orange trichomes. Its also worth mentioning the freshness of these flowers, as stated above they arrive in very well sealed packaging with a humidity pack. super impressed with not only the flowers but the care that’s gone into the packaging.

Scent & Terpenes:


Opening up the tin, I’m hit immediately with a strong sweet smell, recognisable as a creamy, raspberry scent with hints of vanilla in there. In my opinion, it is more of a raspberry scent rather than strawberry. This HempHash flower is almost overpoweringly sweet, I’m sure I’m getting a haze undertone also. The freshness of this flower is apparent, it stinks out the entire upper half of my residence whenever I open the tin. These flowers from HempHash are certainly some of the most pungent CBD I have come across.


  • Caryophyllene – Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, possible therapy for treating inflammatory bowel disease. May be able to treat anxiety and depression.
  • Myrcene – Antioxidant and antimicrobial, anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties, sedative and muscle relaxant, reduces inflammation
  • Pinene – Anti-inflammatory, Bronchodilator (helps open airways), Anti-anxiety, Pain relief, May help combat short-term memory impairment associated with THC
  • Humulene – Antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties, A 2016 study shows that it may help terminate cancer cells when combined with phytocannabinoids and other terpenes.


As usual, I loaded up the Mighty vaporiser and set it to 160oc-170oc, this is the temperature where flavonoids and terpenes are extracted. The first few hits were super tasty, it was almost as though I had put some terpy cannabis extract in there. The first few hits were very much a “Damnnn” moment, HempHash gets this right!

The vapour was light, although thicker than usual at that temp which indicates to me that there’s a good moisture content there. The flavours I was getting were that same creamy, vanilla & sour raspberry with a haze undertone. I’m not the biggest haze fan, but combined with the crazy sweetness it was mouth-watering!

I slowly made my way up the temperatures by just 5oc at a time, I wanted to savour that taste and it honestly just got better and better up to 190oc. The clouds were noticeably bigger than over strains at this temperature. The flavour dropped off a little however it only became more creamy and hazy as the temperature reached 210oc.

At 210oc, this is where I got my final gauge for vapour production and to no surprise, this flower performed shockingly well. Plumes of semi-flavourful vapour streamed out of this mighty, Let’s just say the room I was in became very hotboxed in a very short space of time. I am very impressed with the vaping experience from this HempHash Flower.



Moving on to the effects, It states on the HempHash website that these ‘Strawberry Cannatonic’ Flowers are of the Indica variety however I have to argue that they feel more Sativa leading. You might have a different experience to me of course but from my use, I’ve noticed that I become a lot more upbeat, energetic, creative and happy while I’m using this flower. Whenever I’ve needed that kick to get out of bed in the mornings this has been there to lift me!

For me, a creativity boost is everything when it comes to a day-time strain, I need that boost to get the gears going, when using this ‘Strawberry Cannatonic’ my mind is flowing comfortably with ideas, ways that I can do things better and more efficiently Etc. Without the use of a flower like this, my brain often gets confused and empty, mixing up ideas and forgetting those lightbulb moments. For anybody needing that boost while working creatively, this is for you.

The mood-boosting properties are another big one for me, often in the mornings ill wake up groggy, depressed and anxious, unable to think clearly. However when as soon as I have used this flower all that clears up, leaving me level headed with a good understanding of how I want my day to go. I notice when I use strains that boost my mood, I’m a lot more sociable and smiling. Flowers like this really do brighten up my day.

When using this flower, I experience a mild energetic euphoria, similar to that of a Sativa-dominant strain. It’s hard to explain the feeling that a high dose of quality CBD flower gives the user. I suppose it’s comparable to that first few puffs of THC flower. You can feel that relaxing, calm euphoria coming but it’s not quite there yet. CBD is the calm before the storm and I’m a firm believer that quality CBD flower such as this does have satisfying effects.


Overall if you like very sweet summer berry strains, look no further, all your flavour chasers will have a blast with this one. I’m certainly impressed with this flower, HempHash is proving that they still have some 10/10 quality flowers. The guys over at hemp have are super friendly so don’t be afraid to drop them a message on social media or email. If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click on the link below or on any of the images in this review to be taken to the website. As always, thanks for reading folks.

Strawberry Cannatonic CBD Hemp Flower Tea | Premium Indoor | 11.7% CBD– HempHash



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