Raw Hemp Paste With 1000mg Total Bio-actives From CBDiablo – The Most Effective Product To Date

Raw Hemp Paste With 1000mg Total Bio-actives From CBDiablo – The Most Effective Product To Date

By Liam

raw hemp paste

Background Information:

As stated on the CBDiablo website:
“This is true power in a tube and we are really excited about this one. This is a raw hemp extract. Imagine the untampered, completely raw hemp plant that has been squeezed into a tube- you got it right here”.
“The paste contains a complete nutritional set of terpenes, waxes, Omega 3 & 6 amino fatty acids and a full-spectrum of naturally occurring bioactives (Phytocannabinoids)”.
“This as close to the natural hemp plant as possible; just as nature intended. If you are looking for a true experience of the entourage effect then a raw hemp extract is for you”.
20% of the profits made from your purchase is donated to CALMzone.
  • Organically Grown Pesticide Free European Hemp
  • 100% Natural & Lab-tested
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Potent, Raw & Pure Hemp Plant Extract
  • True Full-Spectrum of Hemp Bioactives
  • Packed with Naturally Occurring Terpenes, Waxes & Amino Acids
  • Can be used to produce your own Bioactive Hemp Oil


“One 10ml syringe of Raw Hemp Paste contains: Terpene Rich Cannabis Sativa L. Flower Extract. 1000mgs of Bioactives (including phytocannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids). Produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility”.

My Thoughts:

I think if your looking for a reliable product that has everything you need tucked away inside a convenient an easy to use tube this is a no brainer. Its so very apparent that these guys put real love and care into their products and business as a whole. 20% of all profits are being donated to the amazing charity CALMzone. The CBDiablo website states this:

“A founding pillar of our business is to support those who are suffering from mental health issues or mental disorders. It is exceptionally important to us to support young people who are facing the struggles that we ourselves have faced. As we grow, our aspirations are to increase the percentage of our profits that we give to good causes, and expand our giving to other causes close to our hearts”.

“To start with, we are going to be giving 20% of our profits to support mental health across the UK; whether that is giving away products, making a donation or buying materials”.

“We have decided not to become a ‘not-for-profit’ as we wanted to support mental health from the very beginning. Before anybody takes a salary, we wanted to ensure that something is donated, no matter how big or small”.

“We will be sharing our work here – if you are a charity or have a mental health support network close to your heart, please get in touch!”

raw hemp paste


My Thoughts After Two Weeks Of Usage:

So, after two weeks of using this raw hemp paste i have noticed that upon applying a pea sized amount under the tongue that i receive building relief almost immediately. This will be down to the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which help it to get into your system faster, however please note that it took approximately a week of daily usage before i felt relief this quickly. This fast relief is especially important for me as someone who suffers with a panic disorder and pretty debilitating anxiety.

After holding under the tongue for 3-5 minutes i find myself sinking into my chair, my mind switches off and my muscles begin to relax. I feel a warm sensation flowing through my body, all unnecessary thoughts are muted and I truly feel tranquil for hours, Yet i still think that i can get more out of the raw hemp paste as time goes on.

My overall anxiety levels throughout the day began to subside massively, during this two weeks i went from being in an almost constant state of mental and physical anxiety to having very little anxiety at all! This was a huge positive change for me and it gave me that motivation to start taking my mental issues by the horn and it made me realise that i can in fact lead a happy and fulfilling life with the aid of Cannabis. My routine has been taking 0.2ml ( pea sized drop ) of the raw hemp paste each morning and a further 0.2ml in the early evening.

My Thoughts After One Month Of Usage:

After one month of usage i feel as though i am a shadow of my former self, yes i still experience anxiety from time to time but who doesn’t? I can whole heartedly say that this raw hemp paste has changed my life for the better and I’m going to make it a staple product in my Cannabinoid regime. I would say the raw hemp paste reaches its full medical potential after a month of usage, the difference in relief compared to two weeks ago is unparalleled.

I feel myself getting better every day, and see noticeable changes in effectiveness week after week. My overall mood has changed drastically, going from a jittery, paranoid anxiety filled mess to a calm and collected man, going about my day. i will honestly say that without the help of this raw hemp paste i don’t think i would have ever broken the negative routine i has found myself in. I’m telling you that this is absolutely the best product for my medical needs that i have used to this date!

raw hemp paste


Overall, this has been the most pleasant experience i have had on my cannabis journey. This raw hemp paste has given me the ability to live a happy life again, free from unnecessary anxiety and panic. since using this raw hemp paste i have started going out more, getting exercise, eating healthier and even the strength to finally move out of my home-town and get my life started!

For anybody who like me, has a problem with anxiety, panic attacks, depression and low motivation, i highly recommend you to try this life changing product. I’m not saying this to kiss CBDiablo’s ass, I’m making nothing from this review these are my honest experiences. This paste has changed my life for the better and i feel honoured to work with such a clearly loving, caring company.

This product is worth every penny, however if you would like to save 10% simply sign up to their newsletter. click here or on the image below to take a look at this product yourself.

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