The Stunning Stardawg 20% CBD Flower From Hemp & Herb

The Stunning Stardawg 20% CBD Flower From Hemp & Herb

By Liam

CBD flower


Background Information:

 Information about this CBD flower as stated on the Hemp & Herb Website: 

Strain Attributes

  • UK legal hemp tea buds
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Premium indoor cultivated hemp
  • Non GMO and non pesticide
  • Lab certified
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • <0.2% THC / Non-intoxicating
  • 20% CBD
  • Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Nose: Nutty, earthy, pine, Kush
  • Palate: Earthy, nutty, peppery, diesel
  • Effect: Chilled, introspective, focused

“We’re proud to present yet another premium quality indoor cultivated hybrid in the form of the very impressive Stardawg. This incredible cultivar is a prime example of how far the quality of hemp flower has come in recent times, boasting thick rocky buds laden with frosty trichomes. The nose is complex, with a full bodied nutty profile accompanied by notes of earthy pine and Kush. The terpenes translate well on the palate with creamy notes of nuts and pine, followed by hints of diesel and a peppery finish. Fans of our bestselling Pistachio cultivar will enjoy this one”.

“All of our hemp flowers are derived from government licensed EU hemp farms”.

“Based on market research and clinical studies cannabidiol products may help with aches and pains, anxiety, low mood, nausea and improving quality of sleep. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before using any CBD products. All Hemp & Herb CBD products contain under 0.2% THC, are UK legal and non-intoxicating”.

CBD flower



First off I love that these CBD flowers always arrive in plastic pop tops, it doesn’t get squashed, broken trichomes like Mylar bags and the buds keep a more natural formation, i love that they put that extra care into their CBD flowers to deliver on the upmost quality products.

The buds themselves are thick and plump yet not too dense and not too airy. There is mostly just a consistent fresh green colour to the flowers with not too many visible features like pistils, although they are present. The flowers have a slight sticky feel to them but i can tell they have been cured and dried perfectly.

The trichomes (shown above) seem to be all intact and clear, this is always a great sign to look out for and no doubt the packaging has helped to maintain the trichomes structure. Under the microscope the quality of the flowers is obvious, no broken trichome heads or contaminants (hair/fabric/dirt).


Popping open the tub, you get hit with a slightly sweet, earthy and gassy aroma, the scent isn’t overpowering or very pungent but its there just hiding. Breaking a flower open, you get the more pungent aromas that were hiding, I’m getting a Kush aroma followed by a sweet earthy scent. Now this scent isn’t to dissimilar to the THC version which is pretty impressive.

In my opinion the main terpenes I’m getting from this CBD flower are:

  • Caryophyllene: This terpene binds to our CB2 receptors, its widely known as one of the most medically beneficial terpenes
  • Myrcene: Produces calming effects and can aid with insomnia symptoms
  • Linalool: Promotes relaxation and provides a very calming effect

Vaporisation & Combustion:


Starting off with a bowl in the Mighty vaporiser at 190 degrees, i noticed some really tasty diesel flavours coming through with a sweet pine undertone. I was pleasantly surprised with the bold and tasty flavour. This strong flavourful vapour continued for the first ten hits or so and then died down to a earthier pine taste. The vapour production was brilliant, thanks to the heavy trichome coverage and complete trichome heads holding those precious oils.


Rolling up a joint now and while breaking apart the CBD flowers i began noticing the sheer amount of calyxes inside and the lack of stalk and sugar leaf, excellent quality flower. Lighting it up now and to no surprise the ash was an almost perfect shade of white, getting a little further down the joint a really nice resin ring started to form, most probably due to the sheer amount of calyxes that went into it. The taste was pretty decent, light diesel tastes with sweet earthy undertones, super impressive.

CBD flower



Moving on to the effects now and after the session i most definitely felt a slight euphoria, sitting me back in my chair and really relaxing my whole body. I felt all the aches and tension in my body dissipate leaving me in a clear headed, giggly and sleepy state. I sat back and watched a movie with absolutely no anxiety’s or stresses.

I would definitely say that this gives me a hybrid effect leaning more towards an Indica effect with that full body relaxation. This has been excellent for me at clearing my head of all anxiety’s and stresses, relieving tense muscles and generally just completely relaxing the body and mind ready to settle in for the night.


Overall my time with this CBD flower from Hemp & Herb has been very pleasant, as someone who is fighting a constant battle with anxiety high quality CBD flower like this is a genuine life saver for me. There is a lot of low quality CBD flower on the UK market, some of which could actually be harming you more than it is treating you. So rest assured that the excellent team over at Hemp & Herb can provide you with trusted, quality assured products for every need.

A huge thankyou to the guys over at Hemp & Herb for sending this one out for a review, click here to take a look at this amazing CBD flower for yourself or click the logo below.



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