The Super Fruity Skittles 15% CBD Flower From Doze CBD

The Super Fruity Skittles 15% CBD Flower From Doze CBD

By Liam

CBD flower


Background Information:

As stated on the Doze CBD website:

“Our CBD flowers are imported from suppliers from Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Canada and the USA. Ensuring up-to date lab certificates with every batch to ensure what we advertise is exactly what our customers are getting. Our flowers yield high levels of CBD but very low levels of THC, next to 0%, this it to adhere to all U.K laws and guidelines and give our customers the best chance of experiencing the benefits CBD has to offer”.

Skittles is an Indica dominant strain produced by cross breeding grape ape, grapefruit and one disclosed candy flavoured strain to create this mouth watering colourful CBD flower.

Flavours: Candy, Fruity, Sweet.
Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted.
Structure: Well trimmed, dense.
Strain Type: Indica
CBD: 15.37% THC: <0.01%
All products are hemp derived and NOT marijuana.

All hemp flowers are grown under strict Swiss and Italian guidelines and are derived from carmagnola industrial hempAll flowers yield under 0.01% THC and contain less than 1MG THC/CBN per unit complying with UK and EU regulation. Our industrial hemp-derived CBD flowers are classified as a processed hemp product after being meticulously trimmed, cured and dried.

CBD flower

CBD flower


The flowers arrived to me in some beautifully designed Mylar bags, you can tell real effort and love has gone into this packaging (shown above).

The flowers themselves exhibit quite a Sativa-like bud structure with those long thin buds. The trichomes seem to be mostly intact and healthy looking, a mix of milky and clear heads throughout the flowers.

The pistils appear to be a vibrant caramel colour under the microscope although they aren’t overly present on the outside of the flower.

The buds have a nice tackiness to them, just right in my opinion, dried and cured to perfection.

CBD flower


Moving on to the smell now and right off the bat the smell from the bag is a kicker! A pungent sour fruit aroma coupled with a rich caramel and earthy hemp scent.

Breaking open a flower, you you get a slight gassy scent which you would expect from a Skittles strain. Overall a very sour and fruity aroma.

I would personally say that the three main terpenes I’m getting from this are:

  1. Caryophyllene – This terpene binds to our CB2 receptors, its widely known as one of the most medically beneficial terpenes
  2. Linalool – Promotes relaxation and provides a very calming effect
  3. Humulene – Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer

CBD flower


Vaporisation & Combustion:

I started off by loading up a bowl in the Mighty vaporiser at 190 degrees. The first hit from the mighty was delightful, a subtle but sweet taste came through with a really tasty skunk flavour closely following. After a few good sized cloudy hits I cranked the temperature all the way up to the max (210 degrees) to finish off the bowl,

I then proceeded to roll a joint, noticing the little amount of stalk and leaf present on the flowers. Lighting it up was really satisfying, seeing the white ash forming and gently blowing on the end to reveal its true colours is always the best part for me. The taste was still there when combusting, a subtle fruity and sour taste, a really pleasant experience.

CBD flower



Moving on to everyone’s favourite bit, the effects. How did using this CBD flower make me feel? Well first off i will say that for me this produced a very balanced feeling in terms of effects. After using this CBD flower I felt uplifted, happy and slightly euphoric. My routine would be to have a joint or vape of this flower straight away in the morning to get the gears going.

I have found this flower to work extremely well at clearing a foggy head, reliving headaches and boosting your mood. I quite often found myself vibing to some music after using this, just pure happiness. for that reason i think this would be perfect for someone suffering with depression.

cbd flower


Overall i was very impressed with this CBD flower from Doze CBD. Whenever i get something from these guys they are always super friendly and happy to help and its very apparent how much effort they put into their products. My time with this flower has been great and really gave my mornings that extra boost and got me up and ready to face the day. Thankyou all for taking the time to read if you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here or on the image below.



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