The Breath-Taking Amnesia Haze 95% CBD Crumble From Voodoo Hemp

The Breath-Taking Amnesia Haze 95% CBD Crumble From Voodoo Hemp

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

CBD crumble



First off I must say I absolutely love the design of the packaging, it stands out nicely with a semi-professional look yet laid back. The CBD crumble itself had a lovely golden glow about it with no changes in colour or darker/lighter patches. Now, this is most certainly a crumble, hard enough to not fall to pieces during travel but also soft enough to crumble into a joint or dab rig. This is a really appetising looking extract.


So…wow, this CBD crumble smells exactly like an old school sherbet, fruity with a fizzy scent in there. Imagine if you had just got a lovely bit of amnesia flower, and proceeded to cover it in sherbet, that’s the scent I’m getting from this extract. Its fruity, sweet and fizzy although it still has that skunk aroma in the background. The scent on this CBD crumble is extremely intriguing and most certainly unique.


I have been using this extract all week and I’m just constantly finding myself coming back to it for more, its the tastiest CBD amnesia I have ever come across. The flavour is so unique and those sherbet and skunk notes come through superbly. This Cbd crumble was not too harsh on the throat, it was actually rather smooth. On the exhale I’m getting strong sour skunk notes. This is a tasty bloody extract!

CBD crumble


Now, this extract is broad spectrum, meaning that it doesn’t contain all the cannabinoids extracted. Nonetheless this CBD crumble produces some strong sativa-like effects. Uplifted, a positive change in mood, creative and energised just to name a few. Immediately after using this extract I feel my head clear of all stresses and worries, ten minutes later I always find myself doing something productive such as cleaning or going out on a walk. If your someone who struggles with motivation or productivity this extract is most certainly for you! I have also found this extract to be extremely good at reliving anxiety.


Overall I have enjoyed my time with this extract and I am definitely interested to try the rest of the Voodoo Hemp CBD crumble range. If you would like to take a look at this extract click here to go to the Voodoo Hemp website. You can also use discount code 30monkey for 30% off your order!

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