The Mind Blowing 1000mg Candyland CBD Live resin From Dispensary Pens

The Mind Blowing 1000mg Candyland CBD Live resin From Dispensary Pens

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey




As you can see, this live resin CBD extract has a light golden colour, it has the texture of jelly and can be easily scooped up without dripping. As far as I can see there doesn’t seem to be any changes in colour or any abnormalities. This really screams top shelf to me, its like melted butter.

This CBD extract arrives inside a cool looking glass jar further covered by a quite informative box (as shown below). the box states all relevant information and also some nice illustrations to remind you that its a live resin. Overall the appearance of the resin itself is spot on, I cant fault it at all.


Moving on to the scent from this extract now and let me tell you, the name of this extract couldn’t be any closer to the truth. As soon as you open the glass container you get a very overpowering sweet, candy smell with no hints of hemp at all. Imagine this, you walk into a shop and buy a packet of Haribo’s, when you open tat packet you get that sweet, candy shop smell. I’m getting cola scents, berry scents, sherbet scents, its utterly amazing! If you like sweet extracts then look no further!


Dab Rig:

So, I have been using this Cbd extract for a while now, really putting it through its paces with my dab rig. On the inhale I’m getting a extremely fruity Haribo candy taste, its unreal the flavour on this extract! On the exhale I’m getting a slight caramel taste with those same candy hints. I’m going to go ahead and say it, this is the best tasting sweet extract I have ever used! Super impressed, well done Dispensary Pens!



Now, on to the effects and they were heavy with this one! First off I will say that this extract has been a strong anxiety and stress killer for me, using this extract after a long days work has been an absolute treat I must say. Upon usage I feel a really nice relaxing body high, leaving me comfortable yet not couch locked.

After ten minutes I start to get rather heavy, bloodshot eyes and a mild euphoria kicks in. This CBD extract has left me raiding the cupboards for food many a time! Overall this one is super calming with pretty much full on body relaxation and pain relief. If you would like to know more about CBD for pain relief click here.


This CBD live resin from Dispensary pens is on another level, these guys are making advances in the CBD world and it shows! If you would like to take a look at this extract yourself click here to go to the Dispensary Pens website. Thankyou all for reading and as always please leave any comments or questions down in the comments.

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