Peng The Magic Dragon – Kara THC Hash The Stuff Of Legends (2021)

Peng The Magic Dragon – Kara THC Hash The Stuff Of Legends (2021)

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

THC Hash


Background Information:

Both hashish and cannabis flower are parts of the cannabis sativa plant. The main difference between the two is that the term “weed” usually applies to dried pieces of the plant, mainly flower buds, while hash is a paste from resin, or sap of the plant. Hash contains a higher concentration of THC. The THC percentages for hash can be anywhere from 10% to 60%.


So, as shown above this THC hash looks to be of very high quality with its beautiful golden brown colour and darker tones, there’s no green to this hash which is always a great sign of quality hash. The hash itself isn’t too solid and can be easily broken and moulded while still holding a solid form. I think we can all agree that this THC hash looks absolutely lovely and extremely resinous. There is no need at all to burn this hash which is another good sign!


Moving on to the smell now and its a very intriguing one. I’m getting a sweet, earthy and slightly minty smell which isn’t too unusual for hash although I am getting a beautiful array of skunk and slightly gassy scents from this one, there is also a slight spicy pepper smell too. It hash those usual hash terpenes but with an added punch of something potent and skunk. When burned, the smell I’m getting is slightly piney with those earthy hash undertones, its a stinky one. I’m not too sure on the terpenes present in this hash but if I had to take a guess and the main two terpenes I would say Caryophyllene and Pinene.

THC hash


So, I have been vaping this hash with my mighty vaporiser set to 200oc. Upon inhalation I’m getting those beautiful earthy, pine notes. I get a really refreshing feeling when vaping this THC hash, the flavour is on point via vaporisation. The vapour production from this hash is also mind-blowing, big thick clouds leaving my room cloudy! Now, as mentioned before this hash has a very stinky and potent smell when used, the vapour absolutely stinks.


Now, moving on to the bong now which has been my second most common method of consumption. The flavour is light and almost creamy, I’m not getting those pinene terpenes much through combustion but rather a lovely sweet, earthy skunk instead! Upon inhalation immediately knew i was on to a top tier THC hash. It was very light on the throat which is reasonably rare with hash due to its high concentration of trichome heads and resin. I have thoroughly enjoyed having bong hits of this hash, leaving a clean white ash. Perfection.


To my knowledge this hash is pretty much a full on Indica and damn is it potent. it produces strong bodily relaxation with a mind bending euphoria leaving you in an absolute vegetative state for hours. After using this THC hash my appetite is through the roof and I would often find myself raiding the cupboards every half an hour. This hash has also been a saviour for me by the intense onset of calm and tiredness, I wake up feeling really refreshed after using this hash.

Now, I wouldn’t say that this hash is one for beginners because of its potent, debilitating effects although for me, this is an excellent bowl topper for when I fancied taking my session to the next level. Super impressed with the effects and this hash has its place in my arsenal.


Overall, I have had an excellent time with this hash and it is perfect for my medical and recreational needs. It relieves my anxiety’s and stresses, helps me sleep and I have also found that after prolonged use it really boosts my mood, defeating depression! Peng The Magic Dragon never fails to impress me with his range of products. If you would like to get in contact with this amazing man click here to go to his Instagram account, send him a direct message saying that I sent you.

THC hash




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