The Stinky Strawberry Candy 19% CBD Flower From 63-CBD

The Stinky Strawberry Candy 19% CBD Flower From 63-CBD

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

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Background Information:

As stated on the 63-CBD website: “Strawberry Candy (hemp tea) a very pungent berry smell with a nice strawberry candy taste with a hint of diesel. Mainly a Sativa strain so has a great effect and is perfect for a social event or any type of productive evening”. This flower is from a new company on my radar and they have kindly sent me this lovely strain for a review. Its sitting at 19% CBD and less than 0.2% THC.


So, as you can see above, this CBD flower is a real good looker. Various ranges of colours there with dark greens, lighter greens and even some purple. The trichomes seem to be not too intrusive yet present and noticeable, they seem as though they aren’t completely matured however. Now, the pistils on this flower are the standout feature of this flower, I really like the deep orange colour to them and the way the creep out of the bud.

On the outside this CBD flower is rather sticky leaving a slight tackiness on the fingers, inside its even stickier! I do believe this flower is very well cured but maybe could do with a better drying process.


Now, inside the bag I’m getting a very pungent fruity aroma, similar to that of a strawberry haze strain. A very sweet floral berry smell overpowers this flower. Once broken open that smell intensifies releasing a somewhat skunk terpene. This is one of those flowers that leaves your room stinking for hours. The main terpenes I think are present in this flower are Myrcene, Limonene and alpha-Pinene.

CBD flower


Moving on to the mighty now and I started it off at 180oc, I was getting some really tasty berry notes with a definite skunk undertone. That sweet haze taste is also coming through nicely, its very rare I find a good fruity strain. Taking it up to 210oc I noticed some huge vapor clouds that were super tasty even at such a high heat. I’m extremely impressed with this fruity tasting flower.


Now, when rolled up into a joint this CBD flower has the cleanest white ash, super white. These flowers are so resinous than it begins to form a noticeable resin ring around the joint. On the inhale I’m getting those really flavourful berry skunk notes and on the exhale I’m getting a slightly earthy, sweet skunk taste. This excellent flavour lasted the whole way down the joint and burned very nicely. Impressive smoke.

CBD flower


So, I have been using this flower all week both combusting and vaporising and I have had a great time doing so. I would say that this produces very sativa effects, uplifting, creativity boosting and energising. I get a heavy head buzz from this flower leaving me giggling and enjoying the sun. This one has been good for my depression really clearing my head of negative thoughts and allowing me to have a good relaxing time. This one is most certainly one for all you flavour chasers and haze heads.


Overall I am very impressed, being new on the scene 63-CBD has really made their mark with this top quality CBD flower. The beautiful appearance of this flower is enticing and attractive. The scent of this flower is reminiscent of that old school pungent skunk. The effects from this flower are spot on sativa effects adding that extra boost to your day. If you would like to take a look at this quality flower for yourself click here to go to the 63-CBD website.




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