They Have Done It Again – Htown Hemp Bubble-gum CBD Flower 14%

They Have Done It Again – Htown Hemp Bubble-gum CBD Flower 14%

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

CBD flower


Background Information:

As stated on the H-town Hemp website: Bubble Gum Kush The well-known bubble gum strain comes In nice round buds with great intense flavour. This bud has also won awards in Europe (cannabis light club in Zurich & Vienna) A great strain for calming effects.


So, as you can see above this CBD flower is absolutely coated in a thick layer of fully developed golden trichomes. They infest the flower giving it a very fuzzy and appetising look. The pistils on this flower have that wild look about them poking up off the flower, stunning trichomes and pistils right here! Despite being coated in trichomes and pistils this flower still retains that fresh green background. The outside of this CBD flower is dry to the touch, inside its rather sticky, I can tell this flower is very well dried and cured.


So, inside the bag I’m getting a very sweet pine smell, there is also a slight Kush smell to this flower, that gassy diesel smell. Cracking open a flower I’m getting that Kush smell come out a lot more. This flower has a very pungent pine and diesel smell. In my opinion the main terpenes in this CBD flower are Caryophyllene, Pinene and Humulene. I cant get enough of this smell, this is for all you flavour chasers out there.

CBD flower


Now, firstly heating up the mighty to 180oc I noticed a very distinct sweet, pine taste I’m getting some beautiful terpene hits from this CBD flower. Taking her up to 210oc the flavour was still there, a very pungent taste that lingers on the tongue. The vapour production from this flower was simply amazing. Big thick tasty clouds, I’m extremely impressed. 


Moving on to a joint now, and it was a satisfying one. Firstly I will say that ash was very near perfect, pure clean white ash with only very minimal darker spots. On the inhale I’m getting a very fruity taste actually, closely followed by a sour pine taste. On the exhale I’m getting a more earthy, sweet taste. During my joint the flavour was amazing lasting most the way down the joint. I did also notice a slight resin ring forming around the joint too. Overall a very enjoyable smoke. 

CBD flower


Onto the effects now and they are great! While using this CBD flower I noticed that its exceptionally great at relieving symptoms of depression and really brightening up the day. I also noticed this to be an excellent hybrid feeling flower with those balanced and happy yet relaxed feelings. This flower has been my go to mid-day strain boosting my motivation, uplifting my mind and beating stress. Other effects worth noting are increased appetite, slight euphoria and slight pain relief.


Overall yet again H-Town Hemp has blown me away with the quality of their flower. Very desirable appearance and a pleasant scent alongside the unique effects just make this one a no brainer for me, as is the same with most of their strains over at H-Town. A huge thankyou going out to H-Town Hemp for there continued support. If you would like to take a look at this bubble-gum flower yourself click here to go to the H-Town Hemp website.

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