Behold The Stunning Gelato CBD Flower 17.6% From Natural Strains

Behold The Stunning Gelato CBD Flower 17.6% From Natural Strains

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

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Background Information:

As stated on the Natural Strains website:A sweet, flowery and earthy aroma with notes of mint, sherbet and cookie. Gelato has Indica and sativa parent strains. Gelato has a unique ratio of the cannabinoids CBD and THC. Gelato is perfect for night-time usage, while Sativa strains are great for the daytime. Gelato (AKA Larry Bird) is a mouth watering hybrid cross between Cookie Fam and Sherbinski, delivering sweet botanical aroma with exciting notes of mint, sherbet, cookie, orange and lavender”.


So as you can see this gelato CBD flower is an absolute beauty. Its covered head to toe in thick resinous trichomes that seem to be well formed and matured which give the flower a glistening sheen on top of that dark green colour. The pistils are huge and spread throughout the flower giving it a wild look.

I am beyond impressed with the appearance of this flower, the fascinating coat of trichomes and the wild orange pistils. I’ve never seen such a beautiful CBD flower. Breaking it open its rather sticky inside leaving a tackiness on the fingers yet it seems to be well cured and dried. Words can not describe how impressed I am on the appearance of this flower.


Moving on to the smell now and its a lovely sweet one. I’m getting a strong sweetness in there, some fruity berry scents and a slight citrus in there too. Breaking open a flower I’m also getting slight gassy notes. Its one of them classic fruity scents that lingers in the air.  A really pleasant smell similar to the THC version. I believe the main terpenes present in this CBD flower are Caryophyllene, Limonene and Linalool.

CBD flower


So, in the mighty set to 180oc I’m getting a smooth average vapour production, however the taste is out of this world. I’m getting those fruity berry notes strongly at 180oc, Its just pure fruity berry with slight earthy and gassy notes. Moving up to 210oc the flavour drops off a little but leaves some huge vapour clouds and a mild gassy, earthy taste. Overall I have really enjoyed using this one in the vaporiser it has been a flavourful experience.


Moving on to a joint now and straight off the bat from lighting it I’m getting a strong sweetness in the air, very fruity smelling smoke. The ash is super clean definitely some of the cleanest white ash I have ever seen and around halfway down the joint there was a nice resin ring forming around the joint which is always great too see, thanks resinous trichomes. On the inhale I’m getting ultra sweet and fruity notes, its very much like a candy berry taste. On the exhale I’m noticing those gassy notes a lot more. Overall it was very light on the throat and tasty all the way down.

CBD flower


Now, I would say that this CBD flower starts off with sativa effectsuplifted and clear headed and ends with a full body relaxation, sleepy Indica feeling. I noticed that upon using this flower that I felt really creative and ready for the day ahead I really got a satisfying boost. Using this in the evening I found that it allowed me to relax and wind down without falling asleep and feeling couch locked. There is a mild euphoria with heavy eyes and the occasional laughing fit and I also felt a strong increase in hunger. Overall I would say this is the perfect hybrid all day strain.


Overall I’m beyond impressed with this absolutely stunning flower, the wild orange pistils and the thick resinous trichomes just call to me whenever I look at this strain. The up-beat yet focused and relaxed effects are perfect for both evening and morning use and I have also found this to relieve back pain massively. Huge thankyou to Natural Strains for their constant support. If you would like to take a look at this CBD flower yourself click here to go to the Natural Strains website.


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