The Spectacular Spanish Sift CBD Hash 22% From Hemp & Herb

The Spectacular Spanish Sift CBD Hash 22% From Hemp & Herb

By Liam A.K.A TheCbdMonkey

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Background Information:

As stated on the Hemp & Herb Website “The Spanish Sift has a silky texture that holds together without breaking apart, yet can be crumbled easily by hand. The colouring is a beautiful golden brown with green hues, and the aroma is refreshing and lemony with spicy elements. The taste is earthy and herbal with citrus notes and a subtle minty undertone. All of our hemp resins are derived from government licensed EU hemp farms”.


So, taking a look at this CBD hash, you can see the texture of it is really cakey, firm yet easily mouldable and it fluffs up nicely in the fingers. It has a golden colour with no darker or lighter shades, this hash just looks absolutely quality. It didn’t arrive dry and old, its rather fresh feeling. This really reminds me of a good THC hash. The hash arrives inside a protective plastic pot with a very informative label as shown below, this is just one of the amazing features.


Now, cracking open the pot I’m initially getting a very peppery smell, imagine black pepper just toned down a bit. A really nice spicy hash. Breaking open some of this hash, I’m getting hints of citrus in there, its almost like a spiced fruit smell. In my opinion the main terpenes present in this hash are, Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene.

CBD hash


So, loading this up in the Mighty I started it off at 180oc. I was getting some pretty decent vapour production, not overly huge clouds but my god were they flavourful. I’m getting mainly that same spiced fruit taste with an ever so slight citrus undertone. Going up to 210oc the clouds absolutely choked me out, excellent vapour production and that same flavour stayed for a good while. Overall I’m very impressed with this CBD hash in the vaporiser.


Moving on to the bong, I loaded up a bowl and prepared myself. Taking the first hit I was getting some amazing terpenes coming through, spice, fruit and citrus again. Second hit that flavour really wasn’t there anymore but it went down very smoothly with no irritation to the throat at all. Afterwards all i was left with is some clean whitest of white ash. Impressive.

CBD hash


Well, first off ill say this hash is exactly what I have been looking for. This is a perfectly balanced feeling between sativa and Indica which clears your head, promotes motivation and relaxes your muscles without feeling drowsy or tired. I got some excellent anxiety relief from this CBD hash as well as a massively increased appetite and many restful nights. In my opinion this is one of the best balanced CBD hashes on the market right now. This hash also been perfect for mixing with THC flowers and hashes providing you with that even balanced feeling. Impressed is an understatement.


I think I’ve said enough, buy this hash! This is simply one of, if not the best CBD hash I have ever tried, at least a soft hash like this. Hemp & Herb have been kind enough to send this out to me for a review and they have given me a 15% off discount code just for you my viewers! Use code CBDMONKEY15 for 15% off your order! If you would like to go to the Hemp & Herb website click here. Thankyou all for reading.




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