The Effective 1500mg CBD Oil From Paradise CBD

The Effective 1500mg CBD Oil From Paradise CBD

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

CBD oil


Background Information On This CBD Oil:

As stated on the paradise CBD website “Our award winning CBD oil drops are the best way to start your journey to better health. Rich in cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG, and a variety of flavourful terpenes, all contributing to the “entourage effect” and offering the most potential benefits for those suffering with a wide array of health problems. The hemp and carrier oils we use are 100% natural and organic, and all products are independently lab tested, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality, UK made CBD Oils when shopping with Paradise CBD”.


  • Cannabis extract
  • Cold-pressed organic hemp seed carrier oil
  • CBD/Cannabinoids per 10ml bottle: 1500mg.

*This CBD oil is also Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Halal Approved. Organic & Natural, and made in the UK.


  • Shake well before every use.
  • Place up to 6 drops 2-3 times a day under your tongue.
  • Hold there for 90 seconds and then wash down the residual oil with water.

Appearance, Smell & Taste:

So, the bottle itself contains all relative information, instructions, ingredients and such. The Oil is a lovely golden colour with a slight green tinge. You can tell its a quality oil and for a steal of a price! Now, the smell on this oil is that typical slightly sweet and minty, hemp smell. Its not too overpowering. Under the tongue now and the flavour is very mild, unlike some oils that are not very pleasant tasting, this oil is very bearable.



So, I have been using this oil for over two weeks now and I’m beyond impressed, its very rare for oils to help me in a strong way, however I feel myself again after using this oil. This is the usual strength i go for personally and its perfect. Around 10 minutes after dropping this CBD oil under my tongue I get a lovely warm bodily relaxation first off.

All my muscles loosen leaving me almost sinking into my chair. That feeling is closely followed by a huge mental relief, all anxiety’s, worries and thoughts altogether disappear. If you would like to learn more about CBD for Anxiety click here. Sitting here now over two weeks after I started taking this oil I can confidently say this has improved my general anxiety. Of course please note that everybody is different.

I do believe this oil would be excellent for pain relief too, i often get a stiff neck and this oil has taken that issue away completely. After sitting at my desk for a few hours I just take some of this oil and I’m good for the next few hours! If you would like to learn more about CBD for pain relief click here.


The morning after using this oil I wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready for the day ahead, its a very motivational feeling a few days into using this oil. Remember, its not about how big of a dose you have in one go, its about consistently getting CBD into your system that builds up. If you wanted to check your correct dosage Paradise CBD have a dosage calculator on their site click here to go to that. Paradise CBD are currently running an offer on oils, capsules and vape products where you can buy three for the price of two! Thanks to Paradise CBD for sending this oil out to review, click here to go to their website.

CBD oil

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