The One Of A Kind Full Spectrum Distillate CBD Vape Cartridge 85% From Dope Buds

The One Of A Kind Full Spectrum Distillate CBD Vape Cartridge 98% From Dope Buds (A.K.A Purely Green)

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

CBD vape cartridge


Appearance & Background Information:

So, as you can see above this CBD vape cartridge is really well made, all made with gold coloured ceramic, none of that plastic here! Inside the cartridge is really waxy at room temperature. Most companies make their cartridges to around 50% to avoid this, however dope buds want to give the people the strongest, most relieving products they can. This does not affect performance at all. I really like the colour of the wax inside, it has this golden gleam to it, when warmed a bit the wax becomes rather runny.

These carts are made to order which I find absolutely amazing! They can also be customised upon request for different terpene profiles and they can even make it broad spectrum upon request. In all my time reviewing products and forming relationships with companies I have rarely come across such a informative and friendly people than the guys over at Dope Buds, they have been a huge help and I really respect what they are doing. Their top priority is quality and effectiveness to really help people, and for that they have my upmost respect.

CBD vape cartridge

Taste & Effects:

Now, the terpene profile I went for is Granddaddy Purple. Its a complex grape and berry aroma that makes for a really pleasing and satisfying flavour. This CBD vape cartridge tastes very natural with mostly a very waxy extract taste alongside a fruity/berry taste. I cant fault the taste of this cartridge at all, super impressed with the utter natural taste. One of the best tasting carts I have ever come across, I guess that’s down to the increased strength compared to CBD vape cartridges from other companies.

So, on the effects side, one of the first things Dope Buds ever said to me was ” If my cartridges don’t relieve your anxiety no CBD product will” and that’s stuck with me well and truly. On that note I must say I have never felt relief like it, whenever I’m feeling a little anxious I take two or three hits on this cartridge and I’m back to being me again! I don’t feel any euphoria or anything from these CBD vape cartridges. Amazing anxiety relief, a better nights sleep and an increased appetite.

If you would like to learn more about CBD for anxiety click here.

CBD vape cartridge


I can tell that the guys over at Dope Buds / Purely Green pride themselves on only having the best medicinal products. Like I said before I have the upmost respect for what they do! The advice and friendly chats I have had with them backed up with this amazing CBD vape cartridge just blows me away. If you ever need any advice on what product suits you or strengths etc these are the guys 100%. They can customise everything to your needs and as I said they are also made to order.

After realising the relief this cartridge brings me I cant thank these guys enough and I will forever be sending people their way! As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure on some products they actually take a loss, this just further proves how dedicated to helping people they are and is just one of the many reasons I rate these guys highly! 

If you would like to take a look at these CBD vape cartridges yourself click here to go to the Dope Buds website. As always feel free to leave any comments I’m very happy to answer any questions.






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