The Unique Rosin CBD Extract ?% From Paradise CBD & North West Smokes

The Unique Rosin CBD Extract ?% From Paradise CBD & North West Smokes

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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Background Information On This Extract:

As stated on the Paradise CBD website “Our CBD Rosin is an extremely rare full spectrum extract. It is the only extract that is produced using a solventless technique making this the purest and safest CBD experience. Our Rosin is created by hand pressing the highest quality hemp flowers at the optimum pressure and temperature which releases the plant’s invaluable compounds including: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils”.


So, as you can see this unique CBD Extract has a beautiful golden colour, it reminds me very much of a caramel/syrup. This gloopy look follows through to the texture of this rosin. Its soft with a caramel texture and it leaves a lovely oil on the hands. Its a really good looking extract and a welcome change from all the shatters and crumbles. I do believe this is the first CBD rosin i have ever come across. Very impressive on the appearance front.


Moving onto the smell, and its an interesting one. I’m getting a slightly spicy smell with maybe a mint flavour in there too. Its rather hard to explain the smell of these extracts. Spice, mint, floral and unique. I would not know where to start with guessing the terpenes present in this CBD extract. It is a rather pleasant smell.

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Dab Rig:

Now, loading some into a dab rig, I’m getting extremely big clouds. Not too harsh on the throat but the clouds are huge! It sits there bubbling away in the banger, a beautiful sight. Now, both on the inhale and exhale I’m getting those spicy, floral and minty notes, its a very natural taste and in fact one of the cleanest tasting CBD extracts i have ever had the pleasure of using.

Overall after having many dab sessions with this i am extremely satisfied with this rosin! Its worth mentioning that i also used this extract in a joint with some CBD flower and it really boosted the flavour, both in a joint and in a dab rig this rosin works wonders!


The effects from this CBD extract are powerful, after a small dab i immediate feel a huge weight off my shoulders, the effects from this rosin are very much Indica related, leaving me me low eyes, mild euphoria and the most relaxing feeling i have ever had from a CBD product. This extract is my go to for the evenings where i just want to relax and watch a film or game.

It doesn’t make me feel too tired but rather a strong physical relief and relaxation. I did also notice a slight relief from anxiety and a hugely increased appetite. I can see this extract being excellent for pain relief, if you would like to know more about CBD for pain relief click here.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with this rosin and it makes a change from the usual shatters and crumbles. It looks absolutely stunning, the scent is very unique and the effects are to die for! This has been a joint review for Paradise CBD and North West Smokes. Both offer excellent CBD extracts that i rate highly. Thankyou all for reading and feel free to leave a comment.

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