The Knockout Vanilla Kush 8% CBD Flower From The CBD Flower Shop

The Knockout Vanilla Kush 8% CBD Flower From The CBD Flower Shop

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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So, as shown above you can see that this CBD flower is extremely well formed with excellent calyx production. The colours on this flower are wild, rich green mixed with a deep purples…its an absolute stunner. Now, the trichomes on this CBD flower have a great structure and are a good amber colour which is what you want to see on a quality flower, these trichomes cover the bud in a glaze attributing to its various colour ranges.

As you can see the pistils are present with a rich orange colour, they are tucked away almost hidden from sight. The flower itself has a dry outside with a slightly sticky centre. In my opinion these buds are very well cured and cared for.

CBD flower



Straight out of the tub I’m not getting too much smell wise, a slight sweetness with hints of a vanilla-like smell. However, cracking open a bud I’m getting a sweet, vanilla and haze smell. Its quite rare that you come across a CBD flower that actually smells like what its called but this vanilla Kush genuinely smells of vanilla pods! Its a very pleasant smell. The terpenes I’m getting from this are primarily Myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene.

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So, loading up the Mighty and setting it to 180oc, i was getting some good flavourful hits and excellent vapour production. I was getting a sweet haze taste with a vanilla-like undertone, tasty vapour indeed. Cranking the mighty up to 210oc, vapour production was through the roof. Big thick clouds with a decent sweet and earthy taste. Average tasting vapour with a unique vanilla twist.


In a joint, this CBD flower produces some pretty clean white ash with a few darker spots. The smell in the air is mildly sweet with a haze undertone. On the inhale I’m getting that slightly sweet vanilla taste, actually tastes a lot better in a joint I’m really pleased with the taste. On the exhale it leaves a sweet haze taste in the mouth. Overall a very enjoyable smoke.

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Now, after a good few heavy sessions with this flower, i can say that this is without a doubt a evening strain. Heavy Indica effects that completely knock you out leaving you struggling to stay awake. Many a night i have fallen asleep early after using this one. After using i feel a strong increase in appetite and absolute relief from me anxiety!

Obviously everybody is different but for me it has been an excellent anxiety buster, to read more about CBD for anxiety click here. Its also worth mentioning that this CBD flower gave me a nice mellow euphoria, my whole body and mind was relaxed, stuck to my bed. A really strong Indica strain in my opinion, the effects are outstanding!


Overall this CBD flower in my opinion is an absolute gem, look past the mild flavour and focus on the stunning appearance and knock-out effects! I, as always am very impressed with this flower from TheCbdFlowerShop. If you would like to take a look at this CBD flower yourself click here to go to TheCbdFlowerShop website! Thankyou all for reading and please feel free to leave any comments.



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