The Dazzling Mango 12% CBD Flower From H-Town Hemp

The Dazzling Mango 12% CBD Flower From H-Town Hemp

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

CBD flower



So, as you can see this CBD flower is an absolute jaw dropper! The exceptional fully formed golden trichomes just cover the bud leaving it frosty and glistening in the light. I have never seen such perfect trichome coverage in all my time of using CBD hemp flower. The pistils are wild stretching out into the abyss with a inviting looking golden brown colour. The flowers themselves are nice and dense yet not rock hard which is in my opinion is perfect and they are slightly sticky on the inside but not too much. Its quite clear that this CBD flower is only the highest of quality, quite possibly one of the best looking CBD flowers I have ever seen… 


Opening up the bag I notice a very earthy, sweet musk. Its almost like a pungent smell between a banana and a mango, very intriguing sweet smell on this one. Cracking open a flower i began noticing a gassy Kush smell coming out nicely, that earthy, sweet and pungent musk. I believe the terpenes present in this CBD flower are Myrcene, pinene, limonene and Beta-Caryophyllene all working together to create a sweet, earthy and fruity musk.

CBD flower


Now, loading some of this up into the mighty, i went up to 180oc to start her off. I was getting some myrcene heavy terps with that classic musky, fruity taste. The flavour was superb, really light and almost tropical with those earthy, hempy undertones. Taking it up to 210oc i noticed the flavour didn’t drop off a lot leaving me with some pretty tasty thick vapor production and an extremely cloudy room. Great vapour production and great terpenes coming through.


Moving on to combustion, i rolled up a joint, admiring the beauty of this flower and the pungent aromas. Lighting it up i first off noticed the lovely sweet taste, it wasn’t initially too fruity but rather quite sweet and sour. On the inhale the gassy Kush notes were coming through nicely, closely followed by a sweet and slightly fruity undertone. On the exhale i was getting the earthier side with still a fair bit off sweetness and a slight fruity undertone. I feel as though i can taste both the myrcene and the limonene the most in this flower.

CBD flower


I have had many enjoyable sessions and experiences with this flower, i have been testing it for just over a week now and it has been an absolute pleasure, its very rare for me to ever be disappointed with what H-Town Hemp have to offer, in my opinion they offer some of the best on the market. Firstly, i noticed a very balanced feeling, i felt both mentally and physically relaxed but i also felt uplifted, creative and energetic.

Secondly, I never felt like i needed to lie down or take a nap using this flower, in my opinion its a nicely balanced hybrid. This strain has been perfect for me in the middle of the day where i don’t want to use either a strong Sativa or strong Indica and for when i want to crack on with some work or game a little. Perfect effects for me medicinally as i found this CBD flower to be extremely helpful at relieving stress and anxiety.


Overall once again i am really impressed with this new CBD flower from H-Town Hemp. The simply stunning appearance, the intriguing and unique scent, the sweet, tropical taste and the perfect balanced and grounded effects all make this flower top shelf in my opinion. This is absolutely something i will be adding to my CBD arsenal. If you would like to take a look at this flower for yourself, click here to go to the H-Town Hemp website. Please feel free to leave any comments. I will start lab results below.


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