The Beautiful Stardawg 15.8% CBD Flower From Natural Strains

The Beautiful Stardawg 15.8% CBD Flower From Natural Strains

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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As you can see this CBD flower is extremely frosted in a thick layer of resinous trichomes. This is truly the most trichome rich CBD flower i have ever come across! They give the bud a lovely grey look with subtle green hints and a few purple tinges with some stunning orange pistils. I’m seriously impressed with the appearance of this one, the trichomes are to die for simply beautiful. The flowers seem to be very well cured and dried, cracking open the flower left a dust of trichomes on my desk and inside was a lovely sticky texture. its also worth noting that this CBD flower arrives in a 100% recyclable paper zip lock bag.


So, upon opening the bag i get a slightly citrus and pepper aroma, very pungent. It reminds me of when THC stardawg was first in the UK. Sweet, peppery with a slight citrus undertone. Cracking open a flower the peppery citrus smell intensifies massively leaving your eyes almost watering, this is most certainly a pungent strain that’s extremely similar to the THC version. The only difference between this CBD version and the THC version is of course the THC percentage but also it doesn’t have that musky smell. I would say the terpenes present in this CBD flower are caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene and humulene.

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Now, moving onto the mighty. I started her off at 185oc and began taking a few hits…wow seriously terpy this one. I’m getting those lovely citrusy limonene terpenes with a subtle peppery sweetness. Very flavourful vapour from this flower and at 180oc I’m getting some really good vapour production. Taking her up to 210oc the flavour didn’t drop off too much and i actually got some nice musky myrcene notes. Vapour production at 210oc became very big yet not too harsh on the throat. Overall it was a very impressive and satisfying vape indeed!


So, i proceeded to roll one up, i noticed this CBD flower grinds really well despite is sticky nature. Lighting it up i was immediately hit with a satisfying scent when lighting it, a real pungent earthy citrus. Once lit, on the inhale I’m getting slightly sour notes which i can only assume is that limonene mixed with the other terpenes, closely followed by a mild peppery taste. On the exhale the flavour becomes earthier with a really sweet kick to it. The terpenes come through nicely on a joint and the flavour really didn’t drop off much until the end of the joint.

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Now onto the effects, simply put I’m blown away. I can definitely say that this is a strong daytime sativa strain. You get a strong uplifting feeling, i felt really happy and relaxed both mentally and physically. It wasn’t too heavy on the eyes but my head felt really warm and calm. Very nice mellow, relaxing euphoria swept over me. After using this i would usually find myself blasting through my to-do list with a powerful motivation. I found this CBD flower the best when used outside, walking around in nature just having a lovely time.

in my opinion this ones a great mood booster and appetite increasing strain. Again very impressed with the on point sativa like effects, goodbye depressionHowever please note every body is different and reacts differently but i got a few opinions from friends and family and all have recorded similar effects.


Overall like i said I’m blown away. The stunning appearance of this CBD flower and the pungent pepper and citrus aroma make this a lovely flower alone. Coupled with the great taste, being flavourful and effective in both joints is spot on in my books. The strong uplifting and mood boosting effects are what tops it off for me though, having a flower that’s as close to a sativa effect like this is one of a kind. I

have never come across a CBD hemp flower like this one in terms of its sativa likeness. If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here to go to the Natural strains website. Thankyou all for reading and please feel free to leave any comments.

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