The Stinky Amnesia 17.8% CBD Flower From Natural Strains

The Stinky Amnesia 17.8% CBD Flower From Natural Strains

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


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As you can see these CBD flowers are stunning. Good structured buds with excellent golden trichomes and bright brown and orange pistils. Just from looking at these flowers i can tell they are really well cured. Cracking open a bud its lovely and sticky inside and absolutely covered in fully formed trichomes. There’s a wide range of colours going on some fresh green colours mixed with the golden trichomes and the overwhelming amount of beautiful pistils, all put together it gives a makes a stunning looking CBD flower.


Cracking open one of these flowers I’m getting that typical amnesia smell we know and love mixed with something citrusy almost like amnesia and a tangie cross. Very strong potent aroma coming from these flowers, i came back into the office after the photo shoot with this flower and it absolutely stank! I’m getting Linalool, Caryophyllene, Myrcene and possibly Limonene primarily. This ones seriously stinky one of the best smelling CBD flowers i have come across, it really reflects that amnesia smell nicely.

CBD flower


So, loading some up in the Mighty vaporiser, setting it to 185oc. Initial 5-8 hits i was getting some smashing terpenes. Really flavourful vapour i can only describe as a pungent amnesia taste, that sweet and peppery skunk taste. Super flavourful and super enjoyable. I proceeded to crank it up to 210oc and that when things got serious! The vapour production was immense, thick clouds at the expense of taste and terpenes. At 210oc it wasn’t too harsh on the throat and the flavour was still there although not as dominant. Overall i have thoroughly enjoyed vaping this flower it never failed to deliver those highly flavourful terpenes.


In a joint this flower really proves itself to be a solid strain, in my opinion the flavour holds up to THC flower standards and is pretty indistinguishable from THC amnesia. On the inhale I’m getting slightly sweet notes with a peppery undertone, all the hallmarks of a great amnesia-like strain. On the exhale I’m getting again a sweet and peppery taste with a slight citrus tinge at the end. A very enjoyable smoke with clean white ash and a steady burn. The flavour on this one really gives me those old school stinky amnesia vibes.

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Now onto the effects from this CBD flower. Firstly, after a good session i notice highly increased appetite, i found myself raiding the cupboards quite a few times, its safe to say this strain has given me a few extra pounds to work off for my summer body. Secondly, i noticed the real strong bodily relaxation as well as slight mental relaxation. I didn’t find this strain to be very effective against my severe anxiety although it slightly relieved it.

Lastly i noticed that even after a few mighty dosing capsules you get a really warm blanketed feeling in your head, a good euphoric, heavy eyed balance is the only way to describe it. This flower is definitely one of the stronger ones i have come across.


Overall this CBD flower is high on my list on best CBD flowers. Its pungent and pleasant aroma coupled with the excellent taste and strong relaxing effects makes it one of the best. Again, in my opinion this didn’t really relieve much of my severe anxiety but it also did not make me feel any worse. This strain causes heavy bodily¬†relaxation, increased appetite and a solid euphoria. If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here to go to the Natural Strains website.

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