Superb Active: Cherry 500mg CBD Relax Drops From Vitality CBD

Superb Active: Cherry 500mg CBD Relax Drops From Vitality CBD

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


500mg CBD



So, the 500mg CBD packaging is extremely informative stating everything from ingredients and instructions to nutritional information, expiry dates and and “About CBD“. Every piece of information you will need is stated on this box. Inside the box i was happy to see a few stickers that simply say “CBD TIME!” which I stuck around the house to remind me to take my CBD. The bottle inside is also very informative and smart looking and the oil is a light golden colour.

Scent & Taste:

Cracking open the bottle i immediately got a very strong, sweet cherry smell. It didn’t smell like an artificial cherry, instead a sort of bitter wild cherry, really pleasant on the nose this one. Very much like the scent that strong, sweet wild cherry follows through to the taste nicely! Under the tongue its a tad sharp tasting because of the overpowering wild cherry taste, i can only describe it as a bitter sensation under my tongue although the oil itself is very sweet and pleasant. If you dislike the taste of CBD oil then look no further, here’s your solution.

500mg CBD

First Use:

So, this oil is tailored to aid sleep and relaxation hence the added ingredients, magnesium, lemon balm and 5-htp. I took the recommended dose (1ml) and recorded my findings for the next two hours. I took this oil in the evening and ten minutes after taking i began to feel a very warm feeling in my head. I found myself yawning almost every two minutes and after almost two hours i was struggling to keep my eyes open. It most certainly aided my sleep that night where id usually wake up 4-5 times i only woke up once! The morning after i was pleasantly surprised at how fresh i felt.

Two Weeks Of Use (Daily):

Now, after using this oil every evening for around two weeks now i have noticed some positive changes in my evening routine. Firstly, i have noticed that I’m actually feeling tired when i go to bed and I’m not forcing myself to sleep. Secondly i have actually noticed myself waking up a lot less frequently in the night which is absolutely amazing. And lastly that fresh, alive feeling i get every morning after taking this oil the night before is great! Usually id wake up groggy, depressed and angry but  since taking this oil in the evenings i wake up feeling happy and refreshed.


I am genuinely so impressed with this oil, granted 500mg CBD is a bit of a low dose for my needs it has still worked superbly for my evening routine! This oil if perfect for those who don’t like the hempy, earthy tasting oils, with its sweet taste you cant go wrong. If you would like to get some of this oil yourself click here to go to the Vitality CBD website. If you would like to read my review on the Vitality CBD bath bomb click here.

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