The Powerful 23% Blue Cheese CBD Flower From Paradise CBD

The Powerful 23% Blue Cheese CBD Flower From Paradise CBD 

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

CBD flower


So, as you can see this CBD flower is certainly a pretty one, those lovely deep green colours with a satisfying trim job, perfect. The pistils and trichomes aren’t very apparent at first glance although they are present and with a lovely golden colour coating the bud, once broken open (shown below) there are some nicely formed trichomes hiding however. Now, this flower isn’t sticky on the outside but has a slightly tacky texture on the inside, well cured, and it grinds up lovely.


I proceeded to crack open a flower and take a sniff. I was getting some really pungent pine aromas alongside that usual myrcene musk. Similar to the THC version obviously scaled down smell wise and it doesn’t have that smell that makes your eyes water. The terpenes present in this flower (shown below) are primarily myrcene and a/b pinene. Pleasing on the nose but i wish that pungent aroma was a little stronger!

CBD flower


So, i began by loading some up into the mighty and setting her to about 185 degrees, the terps off of this CBD flower are wild! The first 2-3 hits are a pure pine and diesel taste. Super nice although after the initial hits the flavour really dropped off. I then proceeded to crank her up to 210 degrees to test the vapour production and well, it was pretty damn good. The super big clouds lasted around 10 hits which for a CBD flower with such little visible trichome’s is superb. Really am impressed when vaping this flower.


I then rolled up a joint and began to smoke it, first off i noticed the ash was a good consistent light grey colour and that it was burning quite nicely. I distinctly remember a nostalgic feeling when i first lit it up, the smell from lighting it was just lovely and pungent. On the inhale I’m getting a sweet and earthy taste with a hint of a musky pine in there, again not as tasty as the THC version but it holds up. On the exhale I’m getting again that sweet and earthy taste with now a possible limonene undertone.

CBD flower


Well, after a heavy few sessions this CBD flower has really impressed me, this ones a heavy bodily relaxation that almost creeps up on you and you find yourself falling asleep. This in my opinion is best used in the evening and is most certainly a good muscle relaxer! I felt super relaxed but still able to go about my day, increased appetite too. If you would like to learn more about CBD for pain click here.


So what do i think about the blue cheese from Paradise CBD? Well, its a good contender with a similar scent and taste, the buds are pretty but not stunning but it makes up for that with the lovely golden trichomes! The increased appetite and sleep aid have been huge for me this past two days of using. If you would like to take a look at this CBD flower yourself click here and use discount code: Monkeycbd10 for 10% off.

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