Lovely Charas CBD Hash From Paradise CBD (2021)

Breath-taking Charas CBD Hash From Paradise CBD (2021)

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

CBD hash


So, cracking open the glass pot this arrived in, i noticed the lovely brown colour of this CBD hash, it wasn’t too dark. This stuff is super squishy with a cakey texture that just fluffs up in the fingers. Absolutely top quality hash no doubt about it. This hash just gives me a fresh vibe it didn’t feel dry or old it gave me ideas of a freshly baked cake, moist and fluffy.

CBD hash


All i can say is wow! I’m reasonably young but I showed this hash to my dad and he said “it smells exactly like old school squidgy hash”, he was super impressed and was convinced it was a THC hash. The smells im getting are very rich and earthy with a pungent sweet undertone, lovely. Its hard to say what terpenes could be present but i would say there’s a myrcene and limonene presence in there somewhere.


So, i loaded some of this up into the mighty and set her off at 185 degrees, the first few hits were lovely, a tasty almost creamy and earthy taste with those same sweet undertones. Taking her up to 210 degrees of course the flavour dropped off but the clouds i was getting were really impressive indeed.


I then proceeded to load a bong. The texture again is so good on the CBD hash. First hit I’m getting a mildly sweet hash taste on the inhale with a slightly citrus taste on the exhale. One things for sure, this hash is super tasty. When i had finished the bowl the ash was a perfect white which is typical in hash and always good to see.

CBD hash


Well, this CBD hash hit me pretty hard, initial effects after a few hits were extremely relaxing with a warm sensation through the body, effects after the whole 1 gram session were immense, i felt stuck to my chair and hardly got up for a good two hours after. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t like a THC couchlock but i was in such a dream of relaxation all i could do is sit there and enjoy it. This hash really boosted my appetite and i woke up the next morning feeling really refreshed. Super impressive.


Well…what are you waiting for? This hash is absolutely the best squidgy CBD hash i have ever tried by far! The balanced flavour and scent with those sedating effects is just top tier. Hash lovers and people suffering with pain will do well with this one. If you would like to take a look for yourself click here to go to the Paradise CBD website.

CBD hash

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