The Stinky Platinum O.G CBD Flower From The CBD Flower Shop (2021)

The Stinky Platinum O.G CBD Flower From The CBD Flower Shop (2021)

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


So, as you can see this CBD flower is very well formed with a consistent fresh green look. The pistils on this flower are wild just scattered around the flower with a nice brown colour. Now, the trichomes aren’t too apparent but they are there in force, i would say they weren’t full developed but this is still a great looking flower. When cracking the flower open you get a really sticky centre despite the dry outside, very well cured in my opinion.


After i cracked the flower open i immediately got a really stinky Kush smell, that musky dank scent that absolutely overpowers you and stinks the room, powerful! The smell reminds me very much of a Kush strain but that’s all I’m really getting, just a real dank smell. I believe the terpenes present in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene creating that sweet pungent gas!


I proceeded to load up the mighty, i noticed just how sticky this flower is. Going up to 180 degrees i was getting some really good terpenes and very good vapour production for that temperature. Cranking it up to 210 degrees the flavour really dropped but the clouds i was puffing out were immense. I didn’t find this flower to be too harsh in my opinion sticky flowers like this are perfect for vaping!


I then began to roll a joint, right away i noticed the very little stem/stalk on this flower which of course is great to see! Upon lighting, the ash was absolutely fantastic with a solid white colour with hardly any darker spots. On the inhale i was getting a nice musky, dank taste mixed slightly with a citrus taste, very nice i must say. On the exhale the flavour became more of a dark, musky taste with that citrus twist not very apparent anymore. Its worth noting that this flavour didn’t really drop off throughout the whole joint, super impressed.

CBD flower


Onto the effects, so after a few sessions with this flower i feel as though i can accurately describe the effects. Firstly, i felt really sedated almost glued to my chair. Heavy eyes, heavy bodily relaxation, the whole deal! This flower most definitely is a night time strain, after using this flower in the morning once i quickly realised i had made a mistake as i drifted off for a nap.


Well, from the beautiful appearance and dank smell of this flower to the tasty flavours and the strong Indica effects i would say this flower is a real solid one! It holds up with THC flower nicely in terms of sedation but obviously without that THC head high. Everything i have had from the CBD flower shop has been 10/10 super impressed. If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here to go tot the CBD flower shops website. Thankyou all for reading and leave a comment with any questions.

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