The Seductive Gelato CBD Flower 24% From Paradise CBD

The Seductive Gelato CBD Flower 24% From Paradise CBD

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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So, as you can see this CBD flower is lovely looking, multiple colours going on giving it an old school look. The trichome coverage on this flower is substantial although not very apparent however there are some nice orange pistils hidden within the deep green. The buds are very well cured and sticky when broken, the trim job could be better but its not too much of an issue just a little rough around the edges. This ones a diamond in the rough.

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Moving on to the smell now, straight away I’m getting a sweet, earthy and diesel smell that stings the nostrils and absolutely stink out the room! Lovely strong smelling flower similar to a gelato strain with a haze twist. As you can see above the main terpenes present in this flower are Limonene, B-caryophyllene and linalool. A nice array of other terpenes too, this flower truly is a potent one.


So, I’ve had a lot of sessions with this CBD flower in both the mighty and the dynavap and i am so impressed to say the least, the flavour I’m getting from this flower is immensely gassy with hints of an earthy haze, i have been loving it! Firstly, the vapour production is okay, not super long lasting clouds but way above average. Secondly, this flower has some of the tastiest vapour i have ever tried, from 170oc to 190oc its pure flavour.


After a few big bong hits and a flavourful joint i have come to a conclusion on the combustion of this flower. Although its not as flavourful as vaporising, when combusting this flower you get the sour haze taste mixed with a sweet earthy taste on the inhale. On the exhale the flavour turns extremely hazy with slight sour hints. Overall this flower was a very enjoyable smoke with very clean white ash and a consistent burn.

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Ill start by saying this…its a very sativa-like flower. What i mean by that is its really boosts creativity and clears your head ready for a busy day of work. I have found this flower especially great paired with a tea or coffee in the morning. It really gets the gears turning and i often found myself writing down new ideas, laughing and wanting to go outside and explore! Simply put this strain is the perfect daytime strain, mood boosting, depression fighting and creativity sparking this flower is wonderful.


Overall, i think I’ve said enough! This CBD flower is simply stunning! Yes the trim job could be better and the trichomes aren’t fully formed but that’s minor compared to the extremely desirable effects and sweet flavour. Its safe to say this is a flower that i would be happy to fill up a jar with any day! If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here to go to the paradise CBD website! Huge thankyou for reading and any questions please leave a comment.

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