The Stunning Tangerine Dream Pollen Hash 8% CBD From North West Smokes

The Lovely Tangerine Dream 8% CBD Pollen Hash From North West Smokes

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


This pollen hash is lovely looking, it is a light shade of brown with a good consistent colour. This indicates to me that it has been produced to a high standard, sometimes with pollen hash especially CBD pollen hash it can be a little inconsistent in the colour, a good way to tell if your pollen is of a high quality is there will be lighter spots and darker spots. Of course always make sure your purchasing such goods from a trusted vendor. This pollen is solid to the touch but easily crumbled by hand, it really gives me a fresh feeling when breaking this up.


I’m getting a dark chocolate and orange smell, very rich and dark scents which leads me to the cocoa/chocolate and a real bitter and sweet orange. This pollen hash is terpene infused, meaning it has had terpenes added into it to give it a pleasing scent and taste. I was unable to find out whether these are cannabis derived terpenes or matched terpenes (natural non-cannabis derived) and I also couldn’t find out the exact terpenes involved. I would suggest the terpenes present are Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene.

pollen hash

Vaporiser & Combustion:

So, i loaded some of this up in the mighty, i noticed the incredible smells coming from this when heating up. Taking the mighty to 185oc the hits i was getting are really terpy, lovely rich orange taste with that usual subtle almost minty hash taste. Taking the mighty all the way up to 210oc the clouds became a lot larger and the flavour started to die off.

After, i loaded up a bowl in my bong, first hit the flavour was pretty good for a pollen hash, subtle sweet taste with that hash taste in the background, an enjoyable smoke. The ash once finishing the bowl was a perfect white with no inconsistencies at all. Overall i am very impressed, being a pollen i don’t usually expect much flavour but this was 10/10.


After a good few heavy sessions with this pollen hash i have noticed the effects are very much uplifting and mind boosting, what i mean by that is after using this my imagination runs wild, creativity is through the roof and there isn’t an anxious thought in sight. I have been primarily using this in the morning for those uplifting effects but i have also found that during the evening it can give you a real bodily relaxation to get you ready for bed.

I have really enjoyed using this pollen for the anxiety busting effects, as someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks this hash has brought me back from the brink many a time. Do not take this as medical advice though as everybody will have different effects, everyone’s unique.

pollen hash


Overall, with multiple enjoyable sessions with this pollen i am extremely happy with it. The wonderful scent and taste of this hash and the hugely uplifting effects make this pollen a really solid one. If your a hash lover and fancy an old school vibe this is one to try 100%. If you would like to take a look at this hash and North West Smokes other amazing products click here and give them a message.



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