The Beautiful Chocolope Hemp Flower 9%CBD From The CBD Flower Shop

The Beautiful Chocolope Hemp Flower 9%CBD From The CBD Flower Shop

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey



So, this hemp flower arrived to me safely contained within a small plastic pop top tub and a branded Cbd flower shop Mylar. This makes a huge change from some companies whose flower arrives squashed and flat, which I must add is simply the couriers fault and not necessarily the companies.

The appearance of this hemp flower is exceptional, great colas that stand out nicely and excellent trichome coverage that gives the flowers a dusty resinous look. The trichomes aren’t fully formed being still rather small and clear although it makes up for that with the sheer coverage of them. The pistils on this flower aren’t very apparent at first glance but they are present and with a lovely dark orange colour.

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I proceeded to have a good smell of this hemp flower and wow i was surprised. Looking at the flower i would have thought it would be a very stinky, citrus smell but no! In fact its a lovely strong haze smell of which i believe the terpenes are B-caryophyllene, Myrcene and terpinolene. To learn more about terpenes click here. Funnily enough the haze smell is followed by a recognisable cocoa smell, really pleasing on the nose and is for sure what it says on the tin so to speak. I also noticed while cracking a flower open that these flowers are really sticky and bouncy yet dense.


So, i loaded up the mighty and began to heat it up to 190 degrees to get a good understanding of the terpenes present. The first few hits were truly amazing, great flavourful hits with that same strong haze and cocoa tastes. The vapour production was excellent and just one dosing capsule of around 0.2g lasted a good 5 minutes going from 190 degrees to 210, really impressed.


I then began rolling up a (pure) joint, i noticed the very little stalk going through this hemp flower with only a very thin central stalk which is always great to see. Lighting it up it began burning almost perfectly, consistent almost perfect white ash. After a while it actually began to form a lovely resin ring around the end of the joint, stunning and very rare for a hemp flower indeed.

On the inhale i was getting that same strong musky haze taste and on the exhale it become more a more earthy and cocoa taste. Now, i very rarely enjoy a joint or any combustion these days but this was extremely enjoyable, amazing taste and a really satisfying burn.

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So, after a few heavy sessions with this flower I’m certain i have got the effects down to a tee. First off you get a lovely warm sensation throughout the body, closely followed by a very uplifting euphoria. After a few minutes you feel a wave of mental clarity sweep over you and it just leaves you feeling completely careless.

I have often enjoyed this hemp flower in the evenings because of that mental clarity feeling, its what’s needed after a long day at the desk. With that being said i do believe thoroughly that this flower is a balanced hybrid, i didn’t feel couch locked and i could still think and function but i still got the positive benefits from the flower.


Taking all of that into account i really think this a solid stand out flower. From the unique smell to the immensely flavourful taste this flower gets the seal of approval. It is exactly what i need for my medicinal reasons, stress relieving and anxiety crushing.

Now, some bad points about this flower; its lack of pistils and the not fully matured trichomes both aren’t too huge of an issue for me personally, it does its job and it most certainly has earned a place in my stash. If you would like to take a look at this flower yourself click here to be taken to the CBD flower shops website. As always thankyou for reading and feel free to leave me any questions in the comment section.

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