100mg CBD Belgian Hot Chocolate-Paradise CBD – Amazing

100mg CBD infused Belgian Hot Chocolate from Paradise CBD

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey



This comes inside a resealable bag that states only the amount of CBD inside, one thing id love to see in the future with this packaging is the full ingredients, expiry and manufacture date and maybe some instructions to use, I used two tea spoons of the mix and then added in boiling milk but water works just as well. The hot chocolate itself is smooth to the touch and doesn’t feel gritty like some hot chocolate powders. It would also be great to see exactly how it has been infused.

Smell & Taste:

Proceeding to open up the bag i immediately got a lovely strong milk chocolate and caramel smell, a lovely strong smelling hot chocolate. Sometimes with cheaper hot chocolate it tends to not smell very nice however this ones seems high quality. Taking a few sips (without cream for the review) the first thing I noticed about this was the lovely rich taste! Strong cocoa aromas really lovely full bodied chocolate taste, loved it.

CBD Effects:

Well, first off i have to say well done Paradise! The strong relaxing effects are at their peak around 20 minutes after consumption (this varies from person to person) and it really clears your head I have never had mental relief like this from anything besides oil, I’m so impressed. With the strong uplifting and head clearing effects, coupled with the warm feeling in your body from the hot chocolate it makes this perfect for those chill evenings before bed.

I am so very impressed with this product and I will 100% be adding this to my arsenal. After using this hot chocolate I noticed that in the morning I felt amazing, getting up earlier than usual and just having a burst of positive energy t go about my day. I would say this product is suitable for any time of the day although it makes for an extra relaxing treat in the evening. To see how CBD can help anxiety click here. To see how CBD can help relieve pain click here.


Overall this hot chocolate mix is a no brainer, if you don’t smoke or vape already, or even if you don’t like the taste of oils and tinctures then i most certainly think that edibles are the way to go for your daily medicinal and recreational needs. I have found recently that edibles work an absolute treat for my anxiety, I’m going to be featuring more edibles and drinkables on the website very soon. Paradise have a huge range of edibles on their website and i will be reviewing each and very one! Click Here to go to the Paradise CBD website.


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