600mg & 1200mg Natural flavour CBD oil from Access CBD – Life changing

Natural Flavour CBD Oil From Access CBD *Made by British Cannabis

By Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey



The spray bottles are one of the most informative i have ever seen. Firstly, on the front of the bottles it states the flavour of which there are natural, berry and citrus. They also state the milligrams (mg) of cbd contained and they are certified THC free. On the sides it states a rather impressive QR code that takes you to the access cbd website and gives you unique to that bottle information such as the exact amount of CBD in that particular bottle and the full lab reports, very impressive. Compliance information is on the bottle stating that this oil is “an exempt product under the misuse of drugs act 2001” and “An exempt product under the novel foods (England) regulation 2018”. The bottle also states ingredients, batch code and instructions for use.

Scent And Taste:

This particular oil I have been testing for a few months now. This is the natural flavour, it smells delightful with lovely light and sweet cannabis aroma as a result of the real cannabis terpenes inside this bottle which itself is amazing. Now, the taste of this oil is simply breath-taking, a really sweet cannabis taste with zero bitterness. Really pleasant on the taste buds I have given this to countless people over the past few months and all have agreed that this is the best tasting oil they have tried. Smell and taste is spot on I cant fault it at all, well done.

One Week Of Use:

So, after a week of using this oil once at night and once in the morning, I noticed what felt like instant relief after using this oil. I suffer quite badly with spouts of anxiety and panic…two squirts of this oil and I’m back to being myself again. Instant relief from anxiety its absolutely crazy words can not describe how over the moon I am with this product its an absolute life saver and a necessity to me now. In the morning it gives me that extra boost of mental stability and really gets the gears grinding thinking up new ideas and such. At night id never felt relief like it, pure mental and physical relaxation, not a worry or thought crossing my mind. This oil makes me feel normal again and for that I am so very grateful.

Two Months Of Use:

After around two months of using this oil both the 600mg and the 1200mg I can 100% say I will never look back. This oil has given me the ability to function as a normal human being again and its a miracle. The pure relaxation and relief I experience from this oil blows my mind. The fast acting relief has given me hope. I have tried many an oil in my time and this one just bites the dust. I no longer have many aches and pains, my mental health while using this oil has improved drastically and my god I’m impressed. Two months in and I have starting experimenting with adding terpenes, i added three drops of linalool which is available at Mango Myth and it just boosted the relaxation further.


What more do I need to say? This oil is a god among men… the utter relief, great taste and informative bottle are outstanding. This is the cheapest and highest quality oil i have come across. If your suffering from mental health issues give this oil a go I assure you that you wont look back. I got mine from Mango Myth but they are also available at ACCESS CBD. To learn about how CBD can help anxiety click here, to learn how CBD can relieve pain click here.

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