The #1 Perfect Medical Device-The mighty by Storz & Bickel

The Perfect Medical Device-The Mighty By Storz & Bickel

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


How is this device perfect for medical use?

This medical device is constantly blowing my mind simply by how well it performs. For a cannabis user, especially a medical user I believe there is no better portable device than the mighty. Firstly, the sheer power and cloud output is amazing. Don’t like vaporisers because they don’t pump out a lot of cloud? Here’s a mighty…

Secondly, the consistency of this device is outstanding. No need to stir the bowl, everything is extracted evenly and you can collect all of your AVB (already vaped bud) to make edibles! Thirdly I absolutely love the simplicity of the device, from the neat dosing capsules that keep everything in its place to the extremely easy cleaning of the device.

The only negative to this device is very minor but everybody who owns a mighty will know what I’m on about, the stand or rather the lack of a stand. Yes the mighty struggles to stay upright and lying it down can cause a messy situation inside your bowl. However, you can buy a stand separately for rather cheap but they are not essential.

Why choose vaporisation over combustion?

The answers simple, when combusting with a joint, bong or pipe you are only extracting a rather minimal amount of the cannabinoids. When vaporising you are extracting a far larger amount of the cannabinoids and terpenes. This is why I highly recommend this method to medicinal users. To learn about CBD for anxiety click here, to learn about CBD for pain relief click here.

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