Terpenes And Their Impressive Impact On Cannabis-Explained

Terpenes And Their Impressive Impact On Cannabis-Explained

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the natural products of plants, they are the scents and tastes of everyday life from the cleaning cupboard to the great outdoors. Terpenes are abundant in our world, everything you use contains terpenes including cannabis. The word terpene is becoming and more and more popular search term over the past few years, this is down to people beginning to understand the effects it can have on their weed as terpenes are responsible for the distinct tastes and smells of each strain. I could go into detail about terpenoids and mono terpenes but I want to keep this reasonably simple and not go to far into the technicality.


How do Terpenes work?

When a terpene interacts with your cannabinoid receptors it can increase and even alter the effects from cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Therefore, more and more growers are looking to terps to get their grow exactly how they want it. Its worth noting the entourage effect, this explains why most medical cannabis users describe greater relief from certain strains than others despite similar cannabinoid contents. Personally I can agree with this because I simply can not use certain strains, I use cannabis for a few medical reasons and if the terps in the strain aren’t perfect it simply makes me worse.

List of the most common Terpenes in Cannabis:

  • Pinene (Earth, Wood, Pine) Found in: Blue Dream, Jack Herer, O.G Kush
  • Linalool (Lavender) Found in: Granddaddy Purple, Lavender Kush
  • Limonene (Citrus, Cinnamon) Found in: Do-SI-Dos, Black Cherry Soda
  • Myrcene (Spice, Earth, Musk) Found in: Remedy, Harlequin, Grape Ape
  • Delta-3-Carene (Sweet, Basil, Pine) Found in: Banana Kush, Exodus Kush, Kush Berry
  • Beta-Caryophyllene (Spice, Sweet, Wood, Clove) Found in: Ak-47, Super Lemon Haze
  • Humulene (Earth, Wood, Spice) Found in: AC/DC, Durban Poison, Train wreck
  • Terpineol (Lilac, Citrus, Wood) Found in: White Widow, GSC, Skywalker O.G


What are the uses of Terpenes?

It is becoming more and more popular to search for your correct terpenes, most cannabis users I know will search for a specific set of terpenes in their strains to aid them medically. Outside of cannabis, terps have a multitude of positive benefits, take lavender for instance; lavender is well known to promote feelings of calm and comfort but why is this? Well that would be due to the terpene Linalool that is abundant in lavender and is responsible for the relaxing effects. You see terpenes are magical compounds that are hugely beneficial under the right circumstances. There has also been a huge interest in terpene infused products like the terp infused E-liquids from High Above Health

People are starting to buy pure solvent form terpenes and add them to their cannabis products such as flower and extracts. This gives them the ability to change their products to there desired terp profile. I myself practice this and you can find such solvent terp isolates and strain profiles at Mango Myth. I also have a review for the mango myth terpene profiles on my reviews page.



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