Stunning Gelato Hemp flower 17%CBD from Doze CBD

Stunning Gelato Hemp flower 17%CBD from DozeCBD

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

hemp flowerhemp flowerhemp flower


This hemp flower is dense with a thick heavy structure. The trichomes are visible yet not hugely apparent…at first. Cracking a flower open you get a shine of bright matured pistils. The photos really don’t do it justice, the lovely fresh greens and hidden brown pistils make this flower stand out from the rest. The pistils aren’t hugely apparent but they are present in a fair quantity. Another thing I love about this flower is the dense and rather sticky inside, coating your fingers in a resin.


Cracking open the flower you get a strong skunk smell coupled with a really sweet caramel smell, intriguing scents from this one. It really reminds me of a hot treacle sponge, the sort of sweet almost sugary smell. The terpenes boldly present in this I believe are Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool.


I loaded some up into the mighty and set it to 180oc. The terpenes I was getting from this flower were really something to behold. Extremely sweet with a slight citrus and earth taste on the inhale. The vapour production was immense, huge clouds that lasted rather long they just kept on puffing out!


In a joint without tobacco, this flower is simply outstanding. Each pull on the joint gives you a lovely sweet, skunk taste with very little harshness right down to the end. Really impressed with how this flower performed in a joint, sometimes hemp flower can taste bland and harsh in a joint but not this one! The ash was an almost perfect shade of white with only a few small discrepancies.


After a few heavy mighty sessions and a few joints I can honestly say this flower has been one of the most enjoyable hemp flowers I have tried. Strong mental boost leaving me oozing with creativity. So many great ideas flooded into my head, I have really enjoyed the productivity I got from this one. On top of that I have been using this flower primarily in the mornings to get the gears turning and give me that mental boost to start the day. Slight euphoria and a dry mouth are to be expected along with an increase in appetite and the occasional laughing fit.


Overall, Doze never fails to surprise me. This flower has been an absolute pleasure to test and it will be making an appearance in my stash jars. With the strong uplifting effects and the mental clarity I would say use this strain anytime of the day, I did not feel tired or sluggish at all after using this flower but in fact the complete opposite.

The smell and taste are simply to die for, those unique skunk and caramel notes are mouth-watering to say the least. Finally the looks, such dense nugs with a real nice stick to them, I would say this flower is relatable to your typical bouncy Kush. If you would like to take a look at this hemp flower yourself, head over to DozeCBD you wont be disappointed. You can learn more about CBD and anxiety here.



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