The Perfect Blonde Hemp Pollen 8%CBD From The Cbd Flower Shop

The Perfect Blonde CBD Pollen 8%CBD From The cbd Flower Shop

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

hemp pollenhemp pollenHemp pollen


The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely smart looking packaging for this hemp pollen, I really love the look of the packaging. The pollen itself is as you’d expect is a nice dark blonde colour and when broken up a more rich golden colour presents itself. The pollen is soft but firm enough to keep its shape and I don’t see any discrepancies in colour.


So this pollen very much has a earthy, chocolate and slightly minty smell to it, really intriguing scents. I would say the terpenes present are hashinene and myrcene.


In the bong this pollen performed extremely well. Clean white ash and some lovely smooth flavours. I was getting some lovely almost minty hits from this hash with very little harshness at all on the inhale. On the exhale I was getting a more sweet almost fruity chocolate taste. Really impressed with this pollen.


So, after a rather large few sessions with this pollen I have come to the most accurate conclusion to effects. About two minutes after the initial bong hits from this pollen I begin to feel the relaxation coming, then it all hits me at once and all I wanted to do is sit back and watch a movie. A real Indica effect leaving both my body and mind in pure tranquillity. Hash is well known to contain concentrated levels of cbd and for this reason i have found it excellent for mild pain management such as headaches, to learn more about CBD and pain click here.


Overall I am extremely impressed with this pollen, usually pollen hash can be a bit hit or miss however, this is definitely a hit in my books. Strong relaxation, great for inducing sleep and it looks and tastes great, what more could you ask for? If you would like to take a look at this pollen yourself click here to go to the Cbd Flower Shop website.

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