The Essential “Peace” CBD Cartridge 20%CBD And Vape Pen From Infused Amphora

The essential “Peace” Cbd Cartridge 20%CBD And Battery From Infused Amphora

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

Cbd cartridge  Cbd cartridge


This CBD cartridge arrived in amazing looking boxes with an excellent stylish design. The battery itself is sleek in design and really stands out to me from the usual boring 510 thread battery’s. It can be clicked multiple times to change the heat from low, medium and high.

The cartridge box stated CBD %, volume (ml), ingredients and other useful information. The cartridge looks amazing in my opinion, the sleek tip on the end makes it so nice to use. The colour of the distillate is a nice golden colour and isn’t too runny. No pg/vg is inside this cartridge just two things, pure hemp derived distillate and plant derived terpenes. This cartridge is specifically targeted at stress relief.


Now the taste on this CBD cartridge is pretty damn  good. Smooth hits with very little harshness, this pen makes you salivate with the fresh natural flavours. The tastes I’m getting from this cartridge are very sweet and woody, closely followed by a bitter subtle fruity flavour and a nice hempy undertone. The terpenes I think are present in this cartridge are most certainly Caryophyllene (peppery, spice), Humulene (wood, earthy) and possibly Myrcene (skunk, clove, fruit). I am really impressed with the purely natural flavours.


After using this CBD cartridge for about a week now I think I can accurately describe the effects. First off I have found this cartridge to be extremely stress reducing exactly like it says on the box!

With the stress from my site launch, quitting tobacco and personal issues this pen has picked me up from many a dark hole. Secondly, I have found this pen to work really well at combating anxiety fast, leaving me tranquil again after just a few hits. I think if I had to describe the effects in two words I would say calm and tranquil, again exact like it says on the box. i am simply in love with this cartridge. To learn more about how CBD can benefit your mental health click here.


What do I think of this battery and cartridge? Amazing, the flavours from the cartridge are incredible and coupled with the lovely relaxing effects its a no brainer for me. This may just be my new favourite way to vape distillate. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with this device. if you would like to take a look for yourself head over to Infused Amphora and you can use this 50% off discount code “WELCOMETOWELLNESS14” which will be active from February 1st until February 7th.

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