Strawberry Hemp flower 18%CBD from Natural Strains

Strawberry Hemp flower 18%CBD from Natural Strains

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

hemp flowerhemp flower


The hemp flowers are dense and absolutely caked in thick, fully matured trichomes. Very little pistil coverage on this flower but the fresh green colour and the dense well cured nature of the flower make up for that. The flowers arrived to me inside a biodegradable sealed bag so no polluting the earth with the typical Mylar bags you see a lot of companies using. The wonderful guys Natural Strains never fail to provide only the freshest and well cured hemp flower.


The scents coming from this flower are truly mind blowing. Rich berry smells extremely reminiscent of the THC skittlez strain. The pungency of this strain is what shocks me the most, when first opening up the bag I was hit with a burst of pure fruity terpenes. This hemp flower is by far the fruitiest I have come across. The smell from this flower is very much a skittles smell with those typical candy, fruit and slightly citrusy scents. Grinding up some of this flower revealed some excellent skunk notes. The terpenes I think are present in this flower are humulene (hoppy), linalool (floral) and limonene (citrus).


The taste from this flower using the mighty vaporiser is insane. The terpenes I was getting from the smell came through nicely in the vapour. On the inhale I am getting Sweet berry aromas giving me that candy vibe. On the exhale I’m getting those skunk and peppery notes with a slight sweet berry taste creeping through. Extremely enjoyable vapour producing huge flavourful clouds, super impressed.


After a few dosing capsules in the mighty, I began to notice a strong relaxation sweeping through my head and body. My eyes became a lot lower and my head was full of creative thoughts. I found myself cracking on with work and cleaning up the house just loving life. In my opinion this strain is an excellent Sativa daytime strain that really boosts creativity and makes you want to get up and do something. I have really enjoyed using this strain while going on bike rides and nature walks, an excellent alternative to high THC strains. For more information on CBD and mental health click here.


In my opinion, this hemp flower is almost exactly like the THC skittlez strain. The extremely sweet berry notes with the subtle skunk aromas just make this a perfect tasting vapour. Perfect daytime strain, you fruity flavour chasers out there this is what you’ve been looking for. Only drawbacks to this flower are the pistils, but that’s just me being picky. Well done Natural strains, if you would like to take a look at their flowers click here.

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