The Amazing Relationship Between Cannabis, Tobacco And Addiction (2021)

The Amazing Relationship Between Cannabis, Tobacco And Addiction

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


Why do the majority of people in Europe mix their cannabis with tobacco?

Cannabis and tobacco have long been used together for thousands of years. Around the globe many people mix their cannabis with tobacco, this can be for a multitude of reasons. However, today we are going to be focusing mainly on Europe. So first off why do a high percentage of cannabis users in Europe mix there weed with tobacco? Well in fat there are many reasons that contribute to this practice.

Back during the cannabis boom in the 60s and 70s most of the cannabis consumed at the time was hash which came in many forms and with many names. Because of the hashes sticky and crumbly nature many Europeans mixed it with tobacco to give it a base, nobody really had any clue about the impact of tobacco use.

Another reason for tobacco use are the “rules” behind smoking cannabis as a newbie. Often friends and family that are introducing you to cannabis tell you that “it has to be mixed with tobacco” and “you cant smoke weed without tobacco”. This has caused lot of young cannabis consumers in particular to slowly become addicted to nicotine and therefore addicted to a spliff (tobacco and cannabis).


Is Cannabis really a gateway drug?


Scientific stuff aside I’m going to give you my honest opinion, which is…yes and no. Most cannabis users first try the drug when they are young, probably buying it from a sketchy dealer with their friends to go smoke in the local park. Kids are naturally more experimental and curious, therefore when one day your dealer asks you if you want to try something new, they are more likely to say yes especially in the presence of there friends.

See, its not cannabis itself that causes the gateway effect, its the scenarios and environment they are in that cause it. Peer pressure is another thing that all people are susceptible to. if people around you such as friends and family are using harder drugs you are more likely to think that doing those substances in normal and they fall victim to peer pressure.


How do you become addicted?

According to National Institute Of Drug Abuse nicotine releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. it travels through your bloodstream around your body making you feel warm and satisfied…for a short while. You see the tobacco in the spliffs is tricking our brains into thinking its a spliff we are craving, but actually its the nicotine in the tobacco.

Addiction can hit hard for anyone with any substance, I have known of both kids and adults stealing and robbing to get themselves some cannabis, I have even witnessed someone searching their carpet with a torch picking up tiny grains of cannabis. On the other hand people who smoke pure cannabis describe how they never get the sudden urge to smoke a joint, instead they use cannabis when they want to use cannabis. That’s not to say people who use purely cannabis cannot get addicted but rather its a lot less likely.


How can I stop my addiction?

The simple answer is if your using your cannabis with tobacco, stop. Now I know some people will say “but I cant afford to smoke too much weed” and to that I say you can still roll a joint with the same amount of cannabis it just wont be as big. In most cases tobacco actually makes the spliff burn faster. Alternatively get yourself a vaporiser or bong.

When vaping your cannabis you extract so many more cannabinoids and really get the most out of you cannabis. However, when combusting you only get a minimal amount of the cannabinoids. In my experience vaporising cannabis does actually produce stronger effects for a longer period of time. My favourite affordable vaporiser is the Sapphire by Storm. If you would like to know more about Cannabis induced anxiety click here.

If you think you have a serious addiction to cannabis or any substance take a look at:



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