Impressive Terpene infused 1000mg CBD vape liquids from High Above Health-Review

Impressive Terpene infused 1000mg CBD vape liquids from High Above Health

                                            by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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Now, these CBD vape juices are 1000mg of cbd and terpene infused so which strain profile do you desire, is it gelato? Pineapple Express? Maybe UK cheese?
I’m enjoying a few puffs on one of these now and it’s just so perfect. Imagine capturing the really nice flavour of a gelato flower and putting it into vape form…yeah. They come in a variety of flavours and they taste amazing. In my opinion these are the best vg/pg based CBD vape liquids on the UK market.

I get some really nice effects from these, strong cerebral relaxation, heavy eyes and boosted appetite are to be expected. I’m really shocked with the effects from these, you’d think you was puffing on cbd distillate just pure mental/physical relaxation depending on your chosen terpene profile.

if you would like to learn more about how CBD can benefit your mental health click here.
I have personally found these great while I’m out and about due to their inconspicuous nature and also surprisingly when I’ve been taking breaks from tobacco these really ease the cravings.

These liquids are honestly something i believe everybody should give a go, I strongly vouch for these. if you would like to take a look for yourself head over to High Above Health.

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