Tremendous Cheddar Shake Hemp Flower 10%CBD From Aunt Marys Flowers

Cheddar Shake CBD Flower 10%CBD From Aunt Marys Flowers

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


Opening up the jar of hemp flower I’m immediately hit with a strong sweet, fruity and sour smell. Similar smell to that of the thc cheese strain just with less of that punchy aroma. Really lovely change from my usual gassy/O.g smelling hemp flowers. Primary terpenes are Linalool and a slight limonene.


These flowers are a decent size and with very little loose leaf for a shake. Great pistil coverage and a nice array of glistening trichomes on this one. Fresh green colours but ever so slightly leafy. Doesn’t take away from the fact that these hemp flowers are simply beautiful, not to mention the extremely cheap price.


After a few hits in the dynavap I was getting a really sweet limonene mixed with what I think might be a clove/floral myrcene. Very nice flavours. Almost as if you mixed a gelato with a cheese strain, oddly tasty.


The ash on this was fairly good, nice consistent light grey colour. On the inhale the taste I’m getting is very floral and fruity, with hints of a darker flavour in there which I suspect is the clove myrcene. Exhale it becomes much more earthy and sweet. Again those same sort of cheese cross gelato tastes coming through.


I’ve noticed a real boost in mood and overall less anxiety through the day. After using I get a very strong bodily relation with a hugely boosted mood and attention span. Creativity is through the roof after this. I have really enjoyed vaporising this flower and cracking on with some work. send me into a concentrated euphoria. If you would like to know more about CBD and anxiety click here.


Overall this hemp flower from Aunt Marys is top quality for what it is, again this is anything but shake, popcorn nugs bigger than what you’d get from certain companies. Excellent looking almost Kush like buds, bouncy with a lovely sticky centre. if you would like to take a look for yourself head over too Aunt Marys Flowers.

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