Effective 2000mg broad spectrum CBD oil from Hemporium CBD-Review

2000mg broad spectrum CBD oil from Hemporium CBD

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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The cbd oil is a light golden colour and the bottle is really informative, stating the ingredients which include 96% pure wax! Also including storage information and a batch/sell by date however my bottle didn’t state either of the dates, ill put this down to human error.


This is a peppermint flavoured oil with added terpenes, the smell is lightly minty with a fresh terpene undertone. Refreshing on the nose, not off putting like some oil smells. This oil actually smells a little like hash.


As expected the oil has a slight peppermint taste with undertones of a linalool or myrcene taste in there I can’t quite tell. Very easy to keep under the tongue, rather pleasant tasting actually. Some oils can be bitter and earthy, this ones quite sweet and natural.

First day of use:

After trying this once in the morning and once at night I noticed that shortly after my morning use I felt rather tired and but calm. Sitting in bed I felt a real deep bodily relaxation flood me leaving me utterly careless. During the night-time use I noticed that this cbd oil is a real sleep inducer, leaving me struggling to stay awake.

Two weeks of use:

So after using this CBD oil for a little over two weeks I can definitely say that this is better for the evening, maybe that’s because of the strength or maybe it’s the terpenes. When I take this oil before I fall asleep I quickly notice my mind just becoming so clear and relaxed. Anxiety’s, stresses and pains all melt away as I drift off. For me this oils been huge for bodily relaxation the most! Leaving my body so perfectly relaxed.

I have noticed a difference directly after using this CBD oil, anxiety’s fade away and leave me feeling uplifted and ready for the day ahead. If you would like to learn more about CBD for anxiety click here, if you would like to learn more about CBD for pain click here.


Overall it’s a no brainier for me, head over and take a look. If it’s pain management and full relaxation your after your on the right track. This is the first oil I’ve come across that really hits you hard when you need it most. Excellent for a great nights sleep, It has been an absolute pleasure to test this oil. If you would like to take a look at this oil yourself head over to Hemporium CBD.

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