Welcome to the world of cannabinoids (2021)

Welcome to the world of cannabinoids

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


First off let’s talk about CBD otherwise known as cannabidiol is the second most important chemical found in cannabis. However, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the cannabinoid most responsible for the psychoactive effects in cannabis, cbd will not get you high. In fact, CBD has been known to mitigate some of the potency of THC and help control pain, reduce inflammation and fight mental illnesses.

Next let’s talk about THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most active compound found in cannabis. This cannabinoid is the main reason users report a strong psychoactive effect from cannabis consumption. THC does have other uses outside of recreational use; its anti-emetic properties means that it inhibits vomiting and has also been found to greatly help chemotherapy patients. This cannabinoid is also known to increase appetite and therefore is excellent for people suffering with anorexia.

Now let’s talk about cannabigerol A.K.A CBG. This cannabinoid Is considered to be the pre cursor to many other cannabinoids and is gaining popularity in the cannabis world. CBG has been found to work wonders for more physiological problems such as glaucoma, decreasing the inflammation from inflammatory bowel disease and fighting cancer although more studies on the cannabinoid need to be done.

The positive health benefits from cannabinoids are endless, my aim is to educate the masses on this spectacular world of cannabinoids and destroy that age old stereotype of cannabis consumers, because it’s not all about the illegal high THC products. So please, if your sceptical on cannabis related products, look around the site and read up on it, let me be your guide.

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