Stunning Dog Walker o.g terpenes strain profile from Mango Myth (2021)

Dog Walker o.g terpenes strain profile from Mango Myth

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


This ones the “Dog Walker O.g” terpenes profile from Mango Myth. These profiles they have available are amazing, the things you can do with them are endless. These are liquid terpenes, solvent form I do believe, they are made using natural terpenes not derived from cannabis. Basically, are comprised of a mix of terpene isolates, mimicking the scents and tastes of cannabis strains. I have rather enjoyed adding these to flower via evaporation in a jar or direct contact. Essentially turning that bud into the strain that profile is mimicking.


The 1ml bottle is very neat and easy to tuck away into a pocket or bag. The bottle comes with a pipette in a very secure parcel, no worries of breakages. When ordering a larger ml of the profile it comes in a easy to use dropper bottle.


Cracking open this potent concoction I instantly get the smell, diesel and skunk. It sort of reminds me of a spiced cranberry smell. Very distinctive to that of stardawg with those overpowering pepper notes. The terpenes present in this mix are Humulene, Linalool and Limonene. Humulene has those woody, earthy aromas. Linalool is like a bitter smell, almost like an orange smell mixed with a woody smell and limonene has a very citrus, lemon smell.


Alone – So to test the effects from the profile alone I simply mixed a drop into a pint of water and drank it. Also to get the best results I put a micro drop onto the dynavap and vaped it. Effects I got were just pure relaxation, my mind felt empty and I felt rather floaty and extremely relaxed.

With Hemp flower – When adding directly to hemp flower I tend to just do a single drop to 1g of flower either directly onto the flower or to the side of the jar. Effects I found from this were strong.. it completely boosted the cannabinoids in my flower and just pushed that relaxation and euphoria to the max. Strong cerebral warmth and slight euphoria. To learn more about terpenes click here.


After intensively using this profile for the past I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep at night, using this right before bed just sends you off.
My general day to day anxiety seemed to drop off leaving me feeling rather peaceful throughout most of the day. These profiles and isolates are revolutionary. If you want to pick some up for yourself head over to Mango Myth.

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