Great Mango Kush terpene strain profile from Mango Myth (2021)

Mango Kush terpene strain profile from Mango Myth

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey



This profile comes inside a sturdy glass vial, easily accessible and comes with a useful pipette to dose. The liquid itself is clear in colour.


The first scents when opened are a lovely sour, almost sherbet mango smell. The primary terpenes present in this are terpineol, fenchol and myrcene among hundreds of others, creating a perfect fruity and slightly gassy Kush smell.


I proceeded by adding a single drop to the dynavap using the dyna-coil. I noticed a very distinctive gassy taste, the taste from the alone blew my mind. This gassy Kush flavour is followed by a warming fruity note.

With hemp flower:

Using the power of terpenes I transformed some tasteless hemp flower into a lovely mango Kush like flower. Simply adding a drop to a humidity stone or just the side of the jar, all those terpenes bind to the flower theoretically turning it into your chosen strain as far as smell and taste go.


I’ve found this profile to be extremely helpful during the evening, producing in the dynavap a warm relaxed sleepy feeling. Combined with flower it really enhances the Indica effects leaving you barely able to stay awake. Relaxing effects both on its own and when mixed with various cannabinoids.


These terpene profiles are game changing. The ability to change the flavour and smell of your flower and extracts is simply incredible. They really do give you the ability to create your desired effects to aid your medicinal needs. I have loved adding this to my everyday full spectrum cbd oils because the terpenes boost the cannabinoids leaving you feeling incredible. Click HERE to go to the mango myth website. To learn more about terpenes click here.

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