Master Kush hemp flower 16% CBD from H-Town Hemp

Master Kush hemp flower 16% CBD from H-Town Hemp-Review

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

hemp flowerhemp flowerhemp flower


So as you can see this hemp flower isn’t the greatest looking, scraggly leaves with a very slight layer of trichomes and pistils. But…crack it open and inside is a fascinating coat of trichomes and a jungle of fresh brown pistils. The inside of these flowers are caked in goodness, the pistils and fresh green colour is what pops out to me the most.


Cracking the flowers open you get a very punchy skunk smell, the type of smell that makes you sit back in your chair and go damn! Pungent diesel aromas mixed with a lovely slight berry smell. Myrcene is definitely the dominant terpene, closely followed by pinene and limonene. One of the most pungent flowers I’ve had in a long time.


First few hits in the dynavap reveal again those same pungent skunk tastes, it’s like a skunk, fruity, and diesel flavour. Very nice terpenes coming from this hemp flower.


Grinding some up the hemp flower wasn’t too sticky nor too dry. its very apparent to me this has been dried and cured nicely. Once rolled it was burning extremely clean with a consistent light grey coloured ash, very good on the ash front. Upon inhalation you get a sweet pungent skunk taste and upon exhalation you get a softer skunk flavour with hints of a peppery, berry flavour too.


The sessions I have had with this hemp flower have been heavy. Strong cerebral and bodily relaxation with mild euphoria. I found this too be excellent day or night to be honest, strong creativity and mental boost in the mornings and a solid calmer and relaxer in the evening. A very balanced hybrid. For more information on hemp flower click here.


You really can’t go wrong with this flower, don’t let her looks fool you she’s an absolutely amazing A+ hybrid flower. I have found this flower particularly effective at getting me to sleep at night, a few dynavap and I’m away. If you would like to try some for yourself head over to H-Town Hemp.

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