Amazing AK-47 Hemp flower 18% CBD from the cbd flower shop

AK-47 Hemp flower 18% CBD from the cbd flower shop

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey

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Opening the huge airtight plastic pot, I found some absolutely lovely flowers. Really great sized rustic looking buds with excellent trichomes and huge wild brown pistils. The flowers are a vibrant fresh shade of green and the short curvy look of the flowers is indicating an Indica presence.


Sticking my nose in the pot I was completely astounded by how much this flower smells like the THC version. Fresh scents of earth, wood and pine burst through this flower perfectly. Cracking a flower open I was getting the same scents coupled with an overly sweet and sour scent.


Loading up a bowl in the dynavap I noticed the hemp flowers were rather sticky in a good way. In my opinion the perfect balance between sticky and dry. The terpenes I was getting were certainly Caryophyllene and linalool with a slight limonene hint.


I rolled a joint and straight off the bat I noticed the smell created from the first lighting, a distinctive earthy/sour smell that will stick in my mind forever. Every stoner loves the smell when there just burning the tip of the joint let’s all be honest. The ash was very acceptable burning a consistent light grey colour. Upon inhalation I was getting rich sour earthy notes and some piney notes too, great flavour; Exhalation the flavour becomes more of a floral sweetness.


After intensely testing this hemp flower I have recorded all noticeable effects, of which there are many. First off huge anxiety relief especially at night. However, it has also been excellent in the morning coupled with a good tea. Ultimately, I have found this one too be extremely mood boosting. In the evenings I find this takes me to a different level of relaxation; heavy eyes, clear headed and it’s as though a warm blanket it being wrapped around you. Heavy up lifter and mood booster by day, heavy euphoric relaxer by night.


This hemp flower is the perfect hybrid, perfect taste and great looking. I find this flower coming extremely close to the characteristics of the THC version. Well done cbd flower shop. click here to go to their site. For more information on hemp flower click here.

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