Hemp cigarettes Vs Tobacco cigarettes – What is the difference? (2021)

Hemp cigarettes Vs Tobacco cigarettes – What is the difference?

by Liam a.k.a TheCbdMonkey


What are hemp cigarettes?

Hemp is a naturally grown plant closely related to the cannabis plant, both are cannabis sativa-L however the hemp plant does not produce high thc flowers. The hemp plant can produce high cbd and cbg flowers though these are then commonly packaged and sold around the world for sale but that is a blog for another day. Hemp and its flowers will NOT get you high, but the cannabinoids present are known to produce excellent feelings of relaxation, well-being and pain relief.

How are they different from tobacco cigarettes?

Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of harmful carcinogens and additives. Tobacco is estimated to cause some 3 million deaths globally per year and the addiction from the nicotine can be costly. Hemp cigarettes on the other hand have very minor negative effects such as the obvious inhalation of smoke but have a staggering array of miracle health benefits due to their varied cannabinoid content.

Where can I get some?

The ones I personally vouch for are in the photo above, Snapz duo – hemp smokes. These hemp cigarettes are made with an organic hemp biomass/trim blend that is high in cbg, cbd-A and cbc. They have clickable balls inside much like the old menthol cigarettes and come in two amazing flavours, strawberry menthol and grape menthol. They can be smoked with the natural hemp flavour too which is smooth and calming. Id primarily aims these towards people looking to or in the process of quitting tobacco. The full review for these is on the reviews page.

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